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Best Trails Near Mazama WA

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Mazama has 81 trails in the vicinity, including 53 hiking trails, 11 for backpacking and 36 for other activities. These trails range from 1.8 to 132 miles in length. The longest trail in Mazama is North Cascades Highway a well-known trail measuring 132 miles in total length. The most popular trails are Southern North Cascades Loop (Backpacking), Lake Ann Trail and Goat Peak Trail. member Patricia K. recently completed Cutthroat Pass.
Best Trails in Mazama 81 Results
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Short and sweet and just a tad bit steep, this trail gets you to Goat Peak, sentinel over ...
Highlights: The first 2 miles, up to Cedar Falls, make for easy, delightful riding for ...
This short walk takes you from the highway to the high country, complete with alpine scenery. ...
Harts Pass Road, built to access a gold-mining district that boomed in the late 1800s ...
Rainy Pass is the entry point for a number of tours accessible from the North Cascades ...
The rugged beauty of the North Cascades is on spectacular display in this extended loop ...
Highlights: It is hard to find a better trail for an easy ride with lovely scenery and ...
Highlights: A delightful, smooth, singletrack ride through well-shaded forest. Easy access ...
An extended trip from the Middle Fork of the Pasayten to Shellrock Pass, 7.3 miles ov ...
A long backpack from the Harts Pass Road to Three Forks, 25.6 miles one way.
A backpack to Ferguson Lake, 10.8 miles one way.
A long day hike or extended backpack to Silver Lake, 12 miles round trip, or a longer ...
An extended trip from Lightning Creek to Castle Pass, 17.6 miles overall.
A day hike to Tamarack Peak (8.2 miles round trip) or a long backpack to Manning Provincial ...
An extended trip from Sky Pilot Pass to Chancellor Camp, 6.6 miles.
A connecting trail that links Devils Pass with the Center Mountain and Cascade Crest Routes, ...
A day hike to Crater Lake (8.4 miles round trip) or a long backpack to Devils Pass (15.2 ...
An extended trip from Ross Lake to Devils Pass, 9.8 miles total.
A day hike to Easy Pass, 7.4 miles round trip, or a backpack to the Thunder Creek Trail, ...
A lookout that is still occupied (in fire season) is excitement enough to make this steep ...
A minimum effort yields some of the most gorgeous views and flower-covered meadows in ...
Many lakes have been named Blue, but to date this is the only one reached by a designated ...
Starting high and staying high, this easy 8.2-mile out-and-back hike through alpine meadows ...
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