Hellroaring Creek

Gardiner, Wyoming 82190

Hellroaring Creek

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"This short day hike or easy overnighter crosses the mighty Black Canyon of the Yellowstone on a suspension bridge. It's a good early season choice.

This is the first section of the longer hikes through the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone and around the Hellroaring Creek and Coyote Creek Loop. In addition to making a nice day hike, this is a great choice for the beginning backpacker, who has the choice of six super campsites on Hellroaring Creek.

The trail switchbacks through open timber and sagebrush meadows for the first 1 mile to the suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River. This isn’t the suspension bridge you saw in the Indiana Jones movies. It’s steel and sturdy. From the bridge the trail goes into the open landscape in the Yellowstone and Hellroaring Valleys."

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Detailed Trail Descriptions from Our Guidebooks

"Hellroaring Creek is a wide rocky creek that flows into the Yellowstone River. At the creek, you can see Hellroaring Mountain to the north and Buffalo Plateau to the east. The hike crosses a metal suspension bridge high above the turbulent water of the Yellowstone River in a steep and narrow canyon. Hellroaring Creek also offers excellent trout fishing."

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Starting from a horse loading area, the trail is wide and desends easily down into the yellowstone river cyn. There is a suspension bridge which gives true character to the trail. There is a wolf pack in this region, while we were there, a Elk had been taken by the local pack, we were able to see the feeding by seniority in 60 minutes of watching. The hike going up the other side is basic, but would challenge some. Fishing was fair to good, we were fly fishing, and most of the cuts were deep in pools & holes. This time of year was excellent because of the lack of tourists in the park. Most stores and commercial areas were closed, we camped at Slough Creek which was 15 minutes from here. This is the BEST place to camp in the park (we have visited every year for 29 yrs). This hike was rural, and lightly traveled. Local workers like this trail because of the lack of tourist traffic.
Enjoy! * Shoshone trail is a "do not miss trail also"

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3-4 hours
Trails Illustrated Tower/Canyon; USGS Tower Junction
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