Red Wall Loop

Arminto, Wyoming

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4 out of 5
Located in the Southern Bighorn Mountains. This route is all on gravel road, but it is deeply rutted, rough and rocky in areas.
Mountain Biking Wyoming


Mountain Biking Wyoming

by Amber Travsky (Falcon Guides)

Located in the Southern Bighorn Mountains. This route is all on gravel road, but it is deeply rutted, rough and rocky in areas.

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Activity Type: Mountain Biking
Nearby City: Arminto
Distance: 41.3
Elevation Gain: 2,400 feet
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Physical Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: Six and one-half to seven and one-half hours.
Season: This route is open from the spring through the fall. Its lower elevation provides early riding opportunities while the higher country is still impassable.
Trailhead Elevation: 6,600 feet
Top Elevation: 8,250 feet
Local Maps: Cherry Creek Hill, Grave Spring, First Water Draw, Roughblock Hill, Three Buttes, and Deadman Butte 1:100,000 scale Lysite map, with small portions on Nowater Creek and Midwest maps.
Driving Directions: Directions to Red Wall Loop

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I would recommend this trail to anyone who wants a day of adventure. This trail has it all. I rode over large unmelted snow banks with 3 layers of clothing and through shirtless desert like hardpan next to enormous red rock. The first 10 miles is murder, and my 6 ft 195 lb office body averaged 3-4 mph. I had to hike the uphill when my heart rate began to exceed 170. When I stopped to rest, three large beaked birds flew in to wager on my prospects just like in the movies. At the first downhill, I was so excited to be going again that I got caught in a tire rut at 20+ mph. I had a painful fall, but as I hit the ground I knew that I had not broken anything so I enthusiastically embraced the rush of sickness, the memory of which, coupled with the fear of being in the wilderness miles away from medical help, reminded me to keep it under 15 mph for the balance. The mandatory fast moving thigh-deep streams washed away my blood, but kept my socks damp all day. I was discouraged by the slow pace of the first four hours and thought it would take me 12 hours to finish. But I was done in 7.5, even into a strong headwind. The last two hours were very visually and emotionally rewarding and mostly downhill. All day, the scenery was varied and terrific. I saw all kinds of wild birds and beasts. But don't get too close to the pissed off cows in the last hour -- You'll be too exhausted to put up any kind of a reasonable fight. On the drive to the “trailhead”, I got a video of real cowboys herding them across the road with the help of a trusty dog that incessantly harassed them until they retaliated. The dirt road to the "trailhead" was rough, but I safely made it there and back in my Mercedes. The downloadable map was 85% reliable, and at day's end, my GPS read 39.96 miles, and my calorie count was 2775. I burned off the Casper Poor Boy steakhouse meal from the night before and then some. (P.S. If you do the loop, you will poop, so bring toilet paper)

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