Cottonwood/Salmon Meadows Campgrounds

Tonasket, Washington 98855

Cottonwood/Salmon Meadows Campgrounds

Cottonwood/Salmon Meadows Campgrounds Professional Guide

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"I traipsed around the Okanogan Valley and heights for several days before I got a look at Cottonwood and Salmon Meadows. Cottonwood in particular had been recommended to me by the staff at the Tonasket Ranger Station, but I was having trouble getting over there as I kept running into dead ends elsewhere that were costing me valuable time. I was a doubting Thomas about both Cottonwood and Salmon Meadows simply because I assumed that anything this close to Conconully State Park (a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to camp there) would be nothing but the overflow of the overflow, the worst of the worst.

Disgruntled campers grousing about not having a hot shower or a place to get a pizza. I had already been horribly disillusioned by Tiffany Spring, which I had built up in my mind as a magical highaltitude kingdom and which turned out to be just a dull collection of dusty sites at a bend in the road. I tried to find Crawfish Lake the back way and wasted an entire half-day not getting there. I learned that Summit Lake would not be a wise choice. I wasn’t in the mood for any more “thumbs-down” revelations."

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The campsites are large and pretty private which is nice. The campground is small and you share the lake w/ private cabins but its free and has decent vault toilets so you can't complain :)

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Late May–October, weather permitting

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