Wind River Hot Springs St Martins on the Wind

Stevenson, Washington 98648

Wind River Hot Springs St Martins on the Wind

Wind River Hot Springs (St. Martins on the Wind) Professional Review and Guide

"Includes: Falls Creek Falls, Dog Mountain, and Eagle Creek Trail. Riverside pools on a 0.75-mile path, near the Columbia Gorge. A swimsuit/birthday suit mix. Wind River Hot Springs consist of two soaking pools nestled between riverside boulders. Water bubbles up from bedrock through a sandy bottom at 107 degrees F; its ample flow keeps the pools clean. You can lower the temperature by adjusting rocks at the river’s edge. The downstream dip is smaller and registers a few degrees cooler.

The upper pool sits a tad higher on the bank and enjoys a longer season of use. Users often dig a gravel pool at one end to mix the outflow with river water for a cooler soak. A third spring nearby has dried up beneath a pool of stagnant water. Thick forest borders the river, and the upstream view includes Shipherd Falls. A proposed study would include the Wind River within the National Wild and Scenic River system. If this plan comes to pass, it may safeguard a very special place."

Wind River Hot Springs (St. Martins on the Wind) Reviews

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The parking lot is closed now. To access the hot springs, you have to park at the hot springs resort, on the west side of the river, then walk behind the hotel up the trail, keeping right at the intersections, until you get to the sketchy suspension bridge 100 feet over the raging river and dam. The bridge has a soft metal floor and chain link fence on the sides, about 3 feet high. It sways a lot, and there are signs that say Danger Keep Out. You have to cross the bridge and then follow the trail downstream along the cliffs to get to the hot springs now. You should have a tarp or something to get the water flow right for the big pool, it was cold when we got there, there were some nice hot pools, but there were some clear water worms in there. The best pool we found was this little thing next to the river, with enough room to stick our butts in, with a nice flat rock for a back rest, with a good view of the river and this bird that was fishing by flying with its head in the water, creating a water bubble around it. One of our party tried to swim across the river on the way back, and she almost got swept away. The current is strong. It was an adventure.
Actually, the trail is now private property and you have to make arrangements with the Gundersons in the green house at the top of the drive to purchase a day pass. I didn't learn this until after giving up (called a number on the trail and got a response afterwards).
The views of the Columbia gorge are excellent from most parts of this trail. You can see Beacon Rock and parts of Eastern Oregon on a clear day. Even though the trail is well-maintained, expect a lot of steep switchbacks. The trail is in the forest canopy for most of the hike but in the last .5-.75 miles the trail will follow along the grassy southern side of Dog Mountain. Be prepared for sudden storms and very high winds (passing hikers warned me not to be blown off the mountain, seriously!) This trail has the potential of being 5-9 miles long depending if you take the loop route (using both new and old Dog Mountain trails or if you use the oneway in/oneway out path on only new Dog Mountain trail. It's definitely worth the hike!

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