Phillip Arnold Park The Tapeworm and Parasite Trails

Renton, Washington 98057

Phillip Arnold Park The Tapeworm and Parasite Trails

Phillip Arnold Park (The Tapeworm and Parasite Trails) Professional Review and Guide

"Located in Royal Hills just above the old mining town turned Boeing industrial park, Renton’s Phillip Arnold Park is home to the infamous Tapeworm and Parasite Trails. Mountain bikers here ride through some of the most deceptively technical and physically challenging terrain in the area. Despite the fact that the Tapeworm and Parasite combine for less than 6 miles of trails and minimal elevation gain, this ride gives new meaning to the words tight, twisting, and narrow.

Packed into less than a couple of acres, the turns are almost too constricting for the standard turning radius of most mountain bikes, and the trails are so narrow that removing bar ends is a must—the average handlebar may not fit between the trees even without bar ends. Riders who don’t pay attention will get whacked in the head more than once by low-hanging branches. Due to the tight turns, building momentum is tough, making the short climbs, tangled roots, and man-made obstacles difficult to navigate. Trail surface: Singletrack."

Phillip Arnold Park (The Tapeworm and Parasite Trails) Reviews

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Good trail, lotsof hazards though. broken tree branch sticking out punctured my thigh about 5 miles in. So be careful.
Tapeworm is a fascinating exercise in urban land use. It snakes and flows around a small parcel of land shared with the public utility district. And the result is plenty of balance and skill challenges without requiring riders to risk life and limb. It's a good challenge for a intermediate to advanced rider. There are lots of natural obstacles (roots, ruts, mud, logs, some rock) and a few man made obstacles (teeter-totters, ladder bridges, a skinny or two). I always enjoy Tapeworm, whether it be a day, night, winter, spring, fall or summer. It's a good choice for a challenge without a long drive to the trailhead.
As my buddy said, "I haven’t used this many band-aids since I was a kid! ;-)" What a blast! The trails aren't quite as narrow as the description suggests, but the turns sure are tight. The trails are sometimes so close together that it's easy to cross over and find yourself going the other way. There are a lot of thorns just off the trails though so be careful if you do go off. Tons of obstacles, from log piles to giant jumps I couldn't imaging taking anything but a motocross bike over to long narrow ramps. You can get as crazy as you want. You'll definitely leave a better rider. The ride wasn't physically hard (other than the bumps, bruises & cuts). The elevation probably doesn't change more than 50 feet. Can't wait to get back again!

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