Sams River Loop

Queets, Washington 98331

Sams River Loop

Sams River Loop Professional Guide

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"Enjoy an easy family-friendly loop in the Queets River valley without having to ford the river. Saunter along an open bank above the wild Queets, hike under some of the largest spruce trees in the park, and look for resident elk while traversing old homestead farms. Unlike nature trails at the Quinault and Hoh, you’ll have this entire living classroom to yourself.

On soft tread frilled with mosses and oxalis, hike across a lush bottomland. This section of trail is often wet and muddy. Pass by wetland pools teeming with crooning frogs. Cross a couple of channeled creeks.

Dogs are prohibited."

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Just getting to this trail head is worth it and you don't get oot of your car!
The trail itself is a winding footpath adjacent to the Sams. Not a kid trail (Toddler )But not dangerous in any way We were alone with Eagle and Osprey up on the tree top
This is a fun area. If you get out onto the rocks of the Sam be aware of where the trail is you could lose it
Good place to get right with your maker

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2.9 miles
75 feet
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Olympic National Park, Wilderness Information Center
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