Shi Shi Beach Trail

Neah Bay, Washington 98357

Shi Shi Beach Trail

Shi Shi Beach Trail Professional Review and Guide

"Children will enjoy a delightful secluded and scenic sandy ocean beach which curves out to the Point of Arches, offering wooded campsites during storms and high tides and beach camping for the fearless at Petroleum and Willoughby creeks. The access over Makah Nation land has been in question for years but is now available if one pays to park and avoid vandalism. Beachcombing along this beach is superb.

Fishing net floats and all manner of flotsam and jetsam can be collected by children with sharp eyes. At low tide, there are tide pools and rock arches to explore. The hike out to the Point should not be attempted with small children or without a tide table."

Shi Shi Beach Trail Reviews

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The trail book said the elevation gain was 50 feet. What a gross understatement. When you account for all of the ups and downs, it's at least 500' elevation gain, and that does not include the 200' vertical drop that you have travel to get from the trail to the beach. So where the author came up with 50' is a complete mystery. Previous reviews did not do justice: THE MUD IS HORRIBLE for over a solid mile. My wife and I are avid hikers and we consider this one of the most strenuous trails we've ever hiked. We were downright angry with the author and his terrible representation of this trail. Had we known it was going to be so hard, we would have dressed and packed differently. We were let down by his inaccuracy and won't believe any more of his reviews.
The Pacific ocean beach, sea stacks, tide pools, wildlife, not sure there is a lot more you can ask for. Absolutely amazing place that I would recommend to anyone.
Wow, what a spectacular area! We started from the Makah Indian Reservation and parked in one of the three private parking areas even though we only day-hiked, added an extra mile to the hike each way. The first mile of the trail is easy walking on boardwalk, but the next two miles were VERY muddy (reccomend wearing hiking boots). You can avoid most of the mud by walking around or well placed steps, but sometimes need to just get your shoes muddy. The trail is mostly level with the exception of the last 200 yards or so that is the steep descent onto the beach, but definitely doable and worth it!! One of the most beautiful beaches that I've seen in Washington. Bring your camera...

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Trail Information

Neah Bay
Nearby City
50 feet
Elevation Gain
Trail Type
Skill Level
Day hike or backpack
Year round
50 feet
Trailhead Elevation
100 feet
Top Elevation
Green Trails No. 98S Cape Flattery
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