Barclay Lake Trail

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Barclay Lake Trail

Barclay Lake Trail Professional Review and Guide

"This shallow, low-elevation (2,442 feet) forest lake lies beneath the massive and spectacular north face of Mount Baring. Children will enjoy the chance to wade, splash, and paddle in this quiet lake, and parents will appreciate the fact that campsites are close enough to the road to make extra trips to the car if necessary. The trail is smooth and gradual, through old-growth forest.

Barclay Lake trail No. 1055 drops from the left side of the road to Barclay Creek and proceeds upstream on an easy, well-maintained trail featuring boardwalks and log ends. Cross the creek on a bridge. This bridge was replaced in part by funds from the Spring Family Trails Trust, which is supported by sales of this and other books. Watch for a
house-size boulder beside the trail; the moss-covered overhang forms a magical cave. I told my children that elves and dwarves used to live here before America was discovered. It’s a short distance from here to the lake."

Barclay Lake Trail Reviews

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Stunning views of Barclay Lake and Baring Mountain! My sister and I hike this trail every year. It's pretty easy, the trail is in great shape, and dogs are allowed. We love to camp here, as well. Super chill backpacking excursion.
An leasurely stroll to a great lake for swimming in the summer. Beautiful view of Mt. Baring...
I did this trail Saturday and stayed until Sunday night. The hike is an easy one, 2 miles goes by fast. The weather was clear and the view of Baring Mountain was perfect. You cna still head the ice cracking like thunder and see some ice falling occasionally. Little mud on the trail. Heavy bear activity including fresh prints, torn up logs and scat in the middle of the trail. I kept my food in a bear bag tossed over a branch and never had any problems. The night was dead silent other than the ice cracking a couple times and an owl making itself known the world. There are fish in the lake, I used some large grubs I found in a rotten log and did catch one, but it cot my line tangled in the logs and got away (I bet it was a HUGE one!). Freindly people hiking and camping, a few with children staying the night. I recommend this one for families.
Good hike, make sure to get your pass before the drive up there at the store before the highway turn off. Also bug repellent is a nice plus.
Trail is in very good condition - the road getting to the trail head has pretty severe washboards though. It was raining heavy the day we did the trail which brings out a wholly different experience. For once I agree with the authors, this is an easy trail.
The Barclay Lake trail provided for a nice, relaxed adventure as it led through the old growth forest with minimal elevation gain revealing some stunning views of Baring Mountain. Even though it started in relatively low elevation, the access road and the trail itself were covered with relatively deep pack of snow. We had to park our car about 0.5 miles shy of reaching the trailhead. The trail itself was well defined first with snow packed hard. We did not need snowshoes at any time. After reaching a bridge at around 1.6 miles, the trail seemed to split. We attempted both forks but encountered massive blow downs that made it impossible to follow the trail all the way to the lake.

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Trail Information

Nearby City
220 feet
Elevation Gain
Trail Type
Skill Level
Day hike or backpack
2,200 feet
Trailhead Elevation
2,420 feet
Top Elevation
Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Skykomish Ranger District
Local Contacts
Green Trails No. 143 Monte Cristo; USGS Baring
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