Crabtree Falls-Milepost 272

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Crabtree Falls-Milepost 272

Crabtree Falls-Milepost 27.2 Professional Review and Guide

"One of the South’s best waterfall walks also has barrier- free access. Various publications describe this falls as the “highest in Eastern America,” the “highest in Virginia,” and the “highest in the Virginia Blue Ridge.”

Which of those claims to believe probably depends on a long list of qualifiers. Chances are they at least qualify for “highest in the Virginia Blue Ridge” status—and that’s being conservative. Suffice to say that this path follows Crabtree Creek’s 1,800 feet of descent to the Tye River. Along the way, five major waterfalls create a truly spectacular cascade."

Crabtree Falls-Milepost 27.2 Reviews

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This hike is always a joy, i took up a few friend this time and everyone enjoyed it as much as I did... This is now my 4th time Hiking Crabtree... Thing's to know, its all uphill, and it can get very slippery after a rain storm... Not recommended for those out of shape or more than 60 pounds overweight, otherwise you will be feeling it. Also dont take shortcuts down you will FALL, i learned my lesson rushing it... 23/M/ Good Shape.... I also easily took in a liter of water on this hike and felt great...
This is a fine trail for someone that needs to drive to a trailhead and hike. It was too busy for our tastes. The views were ok. During a flood it could be quite impressive, but don't waste your time if the water levels aren't up. We parked on the upper trailhead. A reasonable clearance vehicle could make it there just fine. I wouldn't take a typical passenger car. Subaru and up would be fine. After the hike we continued on the road, down over the hill. It got quite tricky. I have a Ford F150 4x4 with slightly oversized tires and I scraped bottom in a few spots. Great jeep road. The road eventually spits out on some back roads and we found our way home. Just keep bearing left if given a choice! There are some nice little campsites down that road as well, and possibly a good swimming hole.
This trail is beautiful. It is pretty steep but well worth it once you get to the top. The view is spectacular, allow yourself time to stay at the top.
Excellent views along the falls. Challenging, but rewarding hike.
Took a hike here mid-March for my first visit to Crabtree Falls. I was blown away by the trip. The falls and trail by far blew away my expectations. I went earlier in the day on a Thursday, and it wasn't too busy. The waterfall was running and was absolutely incredible, especially on the sunny day. The trail is well kept, and there are plenty of awesome observation points. I was really impressed with how this trail is designed and kept. If you are in the area, or are thinking about Crabtree Falls - do not miss the opportunity to go here. I almost decided to take my trip elsewhere, and I am overjoyed that I didn't pass up on the falls. Trail is long, and the top is further than you think, but it isn't too steep at any one point, and there are often points with stairs and rails. Make sure you go all the way to the top, there is an incredible observation spot up there!
Being new to this whole hiking thing, this is about the fifth hike I've ever made, I didn't have a great deal of expectations about Crabtree Falls. The guide lists a couple of different, three really, options which was helpful. Four miles or less is my current comfort level, so I opted to start from the lower trailhead (off of VA 56) and climb the 1.7 miles to the fourth lookout and loop back for a nice 3.4-mile hike. It was a Sunday and while I saw about 20 or so people, I almost always was walking in solitude. The hike was fairly strenuous (it was about 98 degrees in the sun that day), but, as advertised, the trail was well-marked. (I ran into a father with his two sons at the cave that is mentioned in the trail guide; they were pondering what it was, what to do with it, if anything, and I confidently passed through it, knowing it reconnected with the trail, thanks to the guide.) Made me feel, for about thirty seconds, like a pro. After my recent hikes in Wythe County the hike was almost too civilized, with guard rails and wooden steps in many parts. I panted by a very nice grandmother with her grandchildren, all wearing flip-flops and carrying no water, and felt a little foolish with my daypack, quart of water, compass, etc. I offered them some of my water, but they declined politely. The falls were great rewards, and each switchback that brought me to another view was a great place to stop, take a couple of pictures, and gulp down some water. I'd like to take the hike from the top, but the guide says 826 would probably not be suitable for my little, low Jetta. It was a lovely walk and predictable for all the right reasons, and I left feeling a bit more confident about my ability to locate trailheads (and route numbers for that matter), and keep on walking despite heat and a sometimes steep climb. I hope the flip-flop family left feeling the same way. Caroline
What a wonderful trail! Having spent the night at the campground at the top of the trail after a hard day of hiking from the Rt 56 trailhead over the Priest my party endured heavy rain and lightning during the night and early morning. We were concerned with the condition of the trail and sent a smaller party to check it out before the main body departed. Trail was in excellant condition: good drainage. Numerous vantage points had fantastic views of the falls from above and below that included the mist filled valley. An easy decent that required some attention it was a good change for my tired legs. The trail was well maintained with safety rails well placed. This is an enjoyable trail for all types of hikers from the beginner to the old hand.
Nice trail and well maintained. We hiked there in the fall of 2005 and got to see some great fall colors. It isn't a big water fall but rather a series of many smaller falls or cascades. The trail switches back nicely to allow for repeated views of the cascades as you move up the mountain.

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