Wellsville Mountains

Wellsville, Utah 84339

Wellsville Mountains

Wellsville Mountains Professional Review and Guide

"Ski or snowboard the Wellsville Mountains and you supposedly make turns on the steepest mountain range in North America. The Wellsvilles earn this distinction based on the fact that they are narrow (only 5 miles wide) but rise from the Cache Valley floor for 4500 feet to a top elevation of 9372 feet on Box Elder Peak. There are no foothills, which gives the Wellsvilles an intimidating presence, as if the mountains are a giant wall. Of course this means the peaks are a breeding ground for avalanches, but you can find great skiing with tons of vertical assuming the snowpack is very stable. While there are four official access points, Rattlesnake Canyon is the most efficient trailhead for skiable terrain on the highest peaks in the south end of
the range, so it is the only approach described here."

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"The Wellsville Mountains are said to be the steepest range in the United States, with a very narrow base only 3–4 miles wide and an absolute elevation of 5,000 feet above the Cache Valley and Great Salt Lake Valley. The tallest peak in the range is Box Elder, at 9,372 feet, and the main ridge seldom dips below 8,000 feet in its 20-mile length.

The Wellsville Mountains are on the border where the Middle Rocky Mountain Ecoregion ends and the Basin and Range begins. From the crest, hikers can see the distinctive basin-range configuration of western Utah. Wellsville Mountains Wilderness sits in splendid isolation above several visible centers of civilization, but few hikers explore its rugged terrain. Even in a dry range like the Wellsvilles, shrubs and alpine groundcover manage a show of spring and fall color. For those willing to take the path less trodden, there are beauties and solitude to enjoy. This trail guide includes descriptions of Deep Canyon Trailhead to Raptor Watch Area."

"The United States’ steepest range (as measured by the ratio of width to height), the Wellsville Mountains Wilderness Area is a great place to ski in stable avalanche conditions. Box Elder Peak and Wellsville Cone boast fine skiing on all aspects, and
the place just doesn’t get skied out.

However, few if any safe havens for storm or weak-snowpack skiing exist here. All approaches are relatively efficient, owing to the continuously steep terrain, but they invariably require traveling in steep, narrow, terrain-trap gullies. The range is well suited to a south-to-north traverse."

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2 out of 5 stars2 out of 5 stars2 out of 5 stars2 out of 5 stars2 out of 5 stars
Deep Canyon is a delight. Coldwater Canyon trail from Mendon is ill-constructed and unmaintained. A disaster. Run the ridge from Deep and go back the way you came. That trip would get five stars.

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Trail Information

Nearby City
3,972 feet
Elevation Gain
Moderate to Difficult
Skill Level
5 hours
5,400 feet
Trailhead Elevation
9,372 feet
Top Elevation
USGS Honeyville, Wellsville, Mount Pisgah, Brigham City
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