Fairyland Loop Trail

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Fairyland Loop Trail

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"The area below the rim of Bryce Canyon National Park is a fantasyland of strange and wonderful geologic formations. Stone spires and pinnacles with fanciful names like the “Chinese Wall” and “Seal Castle” surround the trails, making them delightful places to hike.

As the canyon rim erodes, new hoodoos are formed. They begin first as tall thin fins, then serrate to form pinnacles and spires. The colors are caused primarily by iron and manganese impurities in the rock that oxidize into colorful hues of red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. The carving action is still continuing, and it is estimated that today the rim of Bryce Canyon is receding at the rate of about one foot in 65 years. In another hundred thousand years it will have receded by a third of a mile, and a whole new display of artwork will be ready for viewing in nature’s gallery."

Fairyland Loop Trail Reviews

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Excellent hike. All the views are in the first 5.5 miles. I went in right after sunrise and it was beautiful to see the spires as the sun moved down them into the valley. Agree that this is less spectacular than the southern piece of the rim trail or the Queen's Garden (or whatever it is - Queen's something). But well worth seeing and much less crowded. On this loop yesterday, a busy Saturday in late September, I only passed about 10 small parties, and two of them were the same couples late in the loop that I had passed early in the loop (going the other way). Not quite secluded, but much less crowded than the other trials I have tried here. One note: The Falcon Guide has the total mileage right, but all the interval mileages are messed up. The spur trail for Tower Bridge is right at the midpoint of the hike - 4.0 miles. The juncture with the rim trail is at 5.5 miles. The trail continues along the rim mildly uphill, with two short steepish segments for only 1.25 miles, then down to the parking lot for the final 1.25 miles. The Falcon Guide has all these mileages messed up, but the park service has accurate mileage along the way, and it matches my walk times.
Marvellous in fall season. Hike for everyone. Start it early so you can take part to the ranger lecture at 2h30pm at sunsetpoint!
I hike this trail very early in the morning and, due to short time I have I run all the trail (start at 7.00 AM from Nort Camground and back for 8.30). Indeed it is beeter to walk and to look around for the beatuful scenery. Anyway if you have just time for one trail at Bryce I think peekaboo loop + queen garden is more spectacular and enjoyable.
Not a difficult hike but an entertaining one. I recommend the extra half mile to Tower Bridge--nice place to stop and have lunch -- but don't feed the very tame birds. The trail is similar to the rest at Bryce, well-marked, great views. There is shade on the incline. The Pink Cliffs are a stunning backdrop and Boat Mesa is easily discernible. The only problem with Bryce Canyon National Park is that at some point you have to leave.

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Nearby City
950 feet
Elevation Gain
Trail Type
5.25 hours
Summer to mid-fall
7,760 feet
Trailhead Elevation
8,100 feet
Top Elevation
Bryce Canyon National Park
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Bryce Canyon (USGS)
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