Slickrock Bike Trail

Moab, Utah 84532

Slickrock Bike Trail

Slickrock Bike Trail Professional Review and Guide

"For most people, the Slickrock Bike Trail needs no introduction. It’s the ride that made Moab the self-proclaimed center of the mountain-bike universe and may very well be the world’s most popular and visited trail. Its uniqueness stems from its peculiar riding medium—solid rock—more precisely Navajo Sandstone. The opportunity, and often necessity, to find seemingly impossible paths around or over the rock’s eroded features coupled with its steep frictional surfaces is a tribute to its legendary difficulty. Slickrock has played proving ground for bike and component manufacturers worldwide.

The entire trail crosses an elevated platform of sandstone bound by cliffs on two sides cut by the Colorado River and its tributaries. There are many opportunities to peer into shadow-filled canyons or gaze at features of Arches National Park across the Colorado. The La Sal Mountains on the eastern skyline, with treeless 12,000-foot summits that collect snow from fall through spring, provide a surreal backdrop to any Slickrock photograph. Tread: Except for short sand traps, the entire route crosses barren, solid sandstone."

Slickrock Bike Trail Reviews

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It's as unique, challenging, and fun as everyone says. I walked some, fell some, but kept on riding.
There are two links for Slick Rock; if you view the other one you will see my comments on this AWESOME trail. I also posted pictures on that link. The pictures I posted here are mostly from Fisher Mesa trail in the LaSalle Mountains. That was a great ride, but as we descended it got technical and crazy - so we decided to turn back, knowing we would have to go up to get out anyway. But highly recommended (both trail and a visit in Moab in general!) And hey - why not take a horseback tour at sunset? Very much worth it! If you don't like Slick Rock, you don't like mountain biking. It is different than the typical single track, but that makes it all the more fun!
If you haven't been to Moab before, the Slickrock trail is a great way to get an introduction to what riding slickrock is like. But don't let the famous status of this trail deter you from discovering other trails in the area, such as Porcupine Rim, Poison Spider Mesa, Flat Pass & the new Sovereign trail system. But still, the riding here is challenging and fun for anyone with good riding skills.
If your making a road trip out to Moab (or Fruita or Durango) you got to do this one. Granted this is the generic Moab trail, that is all the more reason to do it. Having done most of my riding in NC and NM, slickrock is not my trail surface of choice. But, the slick rock trail still gets five stars. Moab, and this entire part of the country, is beautiful. The trail will kick your ass. You will be hot, even in spring, you will fall on what feels like concrete, and you will cuss at the site of another slick rock hill to climb (as you get half way up and spin your back well only to get off your bike and realize you should have brought your climbing shoes). The back part of the loop is the best becuase you can see the river and snow capped mountains. Go during the week, though. This place does get overrun with people. Don't forget to look for Heyduke.
With every conceivable resource at you disposal, you couldn’t hope to build a better trail. No other trail is quite like it, if your pressed for time or feeling fat, the practice loop is quite nice as well.

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Nearby City
2,000 feet
Elevation Gain
Trail Type
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
2 to 4 hours
Spring (March into June) and Fall (September into November)
4,500 feet
Trailhead Elevation
Top Elevation
Bureau of Land Management, Moab Field Office, 435-259-2100
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