Moab Slickrock Trail

Moab, Utah 84532

Moab Slickrock Trail

Moab Slickrock Trail Professional Review and Guide

"This trail is VERY difficult and dangerous. Do not ride alone, but do not bring along you family, your girlfriend, or anyone that you love who is not an advanced rider. Despite the fact that the trail is shown on the Discovery Channel for kids to drool over, it is extremely dangerous and parents should exercise extreme caution with children under 18 (or over) who want to ride here.

You could get them into serious trouble. The Slickrock Trail is very well marked with painted white lines like the middle of a highway, and there are yellow caution markers and black diamonds to warn you of deadly sections ahead. Be sure to watch for these warnings after you hit the main loop at mile 2.5. Hills on the trail are short, but grueling and very steep. If you let you momentum carry you it could get you into trouble on twisty sections with off-camber turns, but mostly it is momentum that will allow you to ride up the really steep stuff. Traction is fantastic, except when wet or icy."

Moab Slickrock Trail Reviews

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Super trail, un excellent Challenge!! Pour cycliste expérimenté!! Attention à la chaleur
A totally different biking experience - monumental climbs and decents, if I could ride this trail a couple times a week my legs could do anything. Great trail - a must do for any moab trip. Even though it is popular and there are often lots of people on the trail - it is worth it. I recommend early morning as most of the moab crowd seems to start riding later in the day (at least in the spring)
If you haven't been to Moab before, the Slickrock trail is a great way to get an introduction to what riding slickrock is like. But don't let the famous status of this trail deter you from discovering other trails in the area, such as Porcupine Rim, Poison Spider Mesa, Flat Pass & the new Sovereign trail system. But still, the riding here is challenging and fun for anyone with good riding skills.
Go early, bring water. Loose sand - paddles would be nice. Very good place to hone your skills, so all these guys crying about how much they did not enjoy it are a bunch of posers or pretty boys; you are riding on rocks for cryin' out loud. You can see what the trail is going to be like before you get there, so no it is no surprise. The trail is aptly named. Pay attention on the traverses or your bike will fall out from under you. Some places are scenic, though it is lost while riding 'cause you have to pay attention to the trail. Don't give in to the temptation to keep up with the guy blowing past you down the'll catch up to him in on the uphill side. Sandy spots - keep your pedals churning, and your tires straight. Not a pleasure trip. Good training ride or a place to really test your bike.
This is of course THE ride in Moab. And if your technical skills are up to it you should do it. I always end up walking some of it but I'm not a strong technical rider. Be sure & take PLENTY of water. This is a demanding ride with very few sections where you can let up. Take your time enjoy the views - they are spectacular down to the Colorado, across to the La Sals, and back down into Moab. I also enjoy watching the better riders on the trail. The challenge of Slickrock gives my riding skills a boost.
Slickrock is definitely an amazing trail - and if you love mountain biking you should definitely try it... Just don't underestimate it. 13 miles looks short on a trail map, and while there's very little overall elevation change, you're pretty much going straight up or down the whole way - which makes it a lot of fun, but uses a lot of energy too. It gets easier as you get used to it and can maximize your downhill momentum to get up the next hill, but the trail always keeps you on your toes. There's some of everything - steep drops, technical ledges, sand, exposure... Just remember to bring plenty of food and water (100oz. or more through September) and to pace yourself and allow more time than you think you need to complete it.

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Trail Information

Nearby City
1,707 feet
Elevation Gain
Trail Type
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
1.5-3 hours
Year-round but best spring & fall
4,575 feet
Trailhead Elevation
4,750 feet
Top Elevation
Sand Flats Team, Moab Bike Patrol, c / o BLM, 435-259-2196.
Local Contacts
USGS Moab; Slickrock Bike Trail Map; Moab East Trail Map; Moab Recreation Map.
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