Arches National Park

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Arches National Park

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"Within this arid landscape is the world’s greatest concentration of natural stone arches. There are approximately 90 of these formations that geologists consider true natural arches, including famous Landscape Arch, although more than 2,000 smaller ones have been catalogued. All are products of weathering and erosion, created over a period of several million years, in a process that continues to this day. The landscape is quite harsh to the eye at first glance: hot and dry. Yet it is also a land of exquisite beauty, with the many arches, canyons, spires and balanced rock formations set against a brilliant blue sky. The primary colors are varying shades of reddish brown. It is appropriate that Arches is in a rather isolated part of the country, because the landscape evokes visions of another world from some science fiction movie.

This eTrail explains in detail how to tour the park. In addition to a park map the details include driving tours, outdoor recreation, accommodations, campgrounds, dining, and more."

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"Arches National Park is located 5 miles north of Moab. Of the five national parks in Utah, Arches is the one most dominated by domesticated “frontcountry.” Nevertheless, park administrators now estimate that more than 70,000 acres have wilderness characteristics. The increase in recommended wilderness acreage comes from several sources, including the addition of Lost Spring Canyon’s 3,140 acres, expiration of some mineral and grazing leases, and the exchange of school trust lands within the park for other lands.

Natural stone openings are found all over the Colorado Plateau, and in other parts of the world where easily erodable stone weathers into semistable arches. But no place on earth can match Arches National Park for the dense concentration of these strangely graceful formations. Depending on what your criteria are for a measurable arch, there are about 900 stone windows, doorways, and eyes in the park. This trail guide includes descriptions of Lower Courthouse Wash."

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Had a great time @ Arches. The trails that we hiked were easy enough for our 3 year old and we packed around our 6 month old. It was a blast!
5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars
The hike to the arch could be a little difficult if you do it in flip flops. It doesn't seem tough do to the beauty and challenge of it. It's worth it! Bring a lunch and enjoy the surroundings.

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