Enchanted Rock

Austin, Texas

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4 out of 5
About 17 miles north of Fredericksburg. An easy day hike onto and around a large granite dome. Special Attractions: Pink granite dome, rock climbing. Permit required for camping.

Enchanted Rock Professional Review and Guide

"About 17 miles north of Fredericksburg. An easy day hike onto and around a large granite dome. Special Attractions: Pink granite dome, rock climbing. Permit required for camping."

Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: Austin
Distance: 5
Elevation Gain: 465 feet
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Season: Fall through Spring.
Local Contacts: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area 915-247-3903
Local Maps: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area Trail Map, Enchanted Rock and Crabapple USGS
Driving Directions: Directions to Enchanted Rock

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Absolutely beautiful place! The trail was well marked, and very beautiful. Abundant wildlife, saw two deer (I think they were mule deer), and several lizards. Very nice primitive campsites with a composting toilet. If you go in the summer make sure to bring at least 3 quarts of water per person per day. We were lucky and able to obtain more water from Moss Lake. The park is very beautiful, and has a very unique landscape. Lovely place to backpack, especially for beginners. But check the weather before you go. Temperatures can become extreme in the summer. We ran into an unexpected hailstorm. So be prepared!


Epic outdoors adventure.. the natural camping areas were new to me so i learned carrying a cooler and 2 rolling bags wasnt such a good idea. Set up in buzzards roost camping area and had a campsite that looked like something out of a movie, woke up and climbed the batholith enchanted rock then went through the cave on the backside. The cave is underground with no light for 45 minutes or so and is a constant climb over rocks and scaling certain areas due to it being slippery. Definately recommended for the not-so faint of heart.


SUMMARY: Arrived Friday, 2/27/2009, hiked to Buzzard's Roost primitive campsite with two other hikers. Checked out Enchanted Rock, Buzzard's Roost, Turkey Peak, Little Rock, Freshman Mountain, and several isolated local rocks for high-angle rescue training sites. Departed 03/01/2009. CURRENT CONDITIONS: Enchanted Rock is presently in the midst of a major drought, and is dry as tinder throughout. Recent fires have scorched the northwest sector, but thus far has spared the rest--that could change badly without some rain soon. No open fires or smoking permitted; a full burn ban in effect meant no cooking at the primitive campsite. We used charcoal in an elevated grill at the day use area on 2/28 for breakfast and dinner, but after seeing the devastation of the northwest sector later that day, decided to avoid cooking fires of any kind for the rest of our stay. We had plenty of ULTRAGORP, and that was enough for me. Both Sandy Creek (SE sector) and Walnut Spring Creek (NW sector) are completely dry on the surface. We dug down but didn't find liquid water until down about 18 inches under Sandy Creek's creek bed. Moss Lake, while not dry, is brackish. Although we could have filtered water taken from the hole we dug in Sandy Creek, we filled in the hole, put our water filters away, and packed drinking water in. I'll return twice a month in 2009, and will post updates as conditions change. GENERAL: Enchanted Rock is a highly diverse area, with plenty of (1) hiking trails that traverse low forests, grasslands, meadows, creek beds, etc.; and (2) technical climbing routes that range from elementary skill levels to vertical walls and near-vertical walls with drops up to 250 ft. In short, this park provides numerous sites for training of high-angle rescue personnel and technical climbers of every stripe.


A nice place in the cooler months. I have when there many times of the year but winter is best for me less people and better weather.


Beautiful views of Texas Hill Country. Easy trail. Water crossings could be a little tricky during rainy season. Takes about 2 hours with frequent picture stops.

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