Leroy’s Ferry Campground

Mount Carmel, South Carolina 29840

Leroy’s Ferry Campground

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"The shores of Lake Thurmond abound with campgrounds. While scouring them for this book, I found that most were just too big and overly developed. But on arriving at Leroy’s Ferry, I knew it was a winner. It was small, primitive, and quiet compared with other campgrounds.

The ones that didn’t make the cut resembled campground cities, strung out along the shore with signs pointing me here, there, and everywhere while I searched for good sites. I even got lost in the campground of one unmentioned state park along the lake. After that experience, small Leroy’s Ferry seemed like home. Its simplicity was a relief."

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The fact that the shoreline of J. Strom Thurmond lake is undeveloped instantly makes Leroy’s Ferry campground a fascinating place to visit.
I was there well after Labor Day for a mid-week stay and I enjoyed more solitude than I have experienced anywhere in South Carolina this year. The solitude perhaps went a bit further than simply being alone. At night, I had a distinct feeling of isolation that I could compare to the most remote wilderness areas I have had the privilege to visit in my lifetime. This was a total surprise considering how many visitors Lake Thurmond gets per year, but, I can tell you that is was a very welcome surprise.

The campground is well maintained and there is two vault toilets, not one. Both loops have a privy .
The only water source is a hand pump at the pay station. The pump works very well but the water had an orange tint. For that reason alone I decided to boil all my water, and I had no problems.

All 10 sites at LF are good sites. The Plantation Loop sites (1-4), are slightly closer to the water than the Ferry Drive Loop sites (5-10). Plantation Loop sites are also further away from the boat ramp.

Low water levels (2009) in Thurmond Lake makes it possible to do some nice shoreline walking. Expect to encounter many birds on such a walk.
In the campground, expect to see many grey squirrels and a few fox squirrels. At dusk, expect to hear whippoorwills and perhaps a distant yapping of coyotes. Later in the evening you may hear the haunting calls of the Barred Owl.

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