Oakridge and Kingsnake Trails

Gadsden, South Carolina 29052

Oakridge and Kingsnake Trails

Oakridge and Kingsnake Trails Professional Guide

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"Congaree National Park is the largest preserve of old-growth floodplain forest in the United States. Located along the Congaree River near Columbia, South Carolina, the park was designated an International Biosphere Reserve in 1983, and it has some of the largest trees that can be seen in the eastern United States.

Along the Congaree River, which runs from west to east just south of here, the trail conditions vary with the weather. After severe rains, the trails flood and occasionally become impassable."

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Been trying to do this hike, in it's entirety, for a couple weeks. Major flooding of the Congaree River has prevented that, until today.
The Kingsnake Trail took me into a very remote area of Congaree National Park. Now, you want to talk about feeling alone in the wild? This was it! The trail was somewhat challenging today because of the recent flooding, but really only because of the slickness of the trail surface. It just slowed me down, which was a good thing because my slow progression allowed me to see many, many birds. Wicked awesome!

This day hike is a little long at 11.7 miles, and not something you'll want to take your toddlers on, but if you want to take a long walk through a hardwood bottomland that is unlike anything else in the world...try it, you'll like it.

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Trail Information

Nearby City
Elevation Gain
Trail Type
Skill Level
4 hours
Spring, fall, winter
100 feet
Trailhead Elevation
100 feet
Top Elevation
Congaree National Park
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USGS Gadsden and Waterees
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