Lick Fork Lake Campground

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Lick Fork Lake Campground

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"Campgrounds and recreation areas with lakes come in all sizes. Lick Fork Lake is a mere 12 acres, small compared with most impoundments, especially compared with nearby Lake Thurmond. Lick Fork Lake Campground has only 10 sites—just about the right number to handle this lake. Located in the surprisingly deep and secluded valley of Lick Fork (but only 10 miles from a town), the area exudes a close, intimate feel, as if you are in the middle of nowhere. The no-gas-motors rule on the lake, along with the widespread campsites, means that chirping birds and maybe some kids swimming in the clear water will be your only background noise.

The sites are spacious and spread out far from one another. They are incorporated into a hilly setting with some leveling and stonework that make the sites both attractive and “campable.” Oaks and pines provide the shade. A gravel road dips toward Lick Fork Lake, passing a water spigot to reach sites 1 and 2. These are on mostly level terrain. Sand has been spread in individual camping areas, each with a separate tent pad. Sites 3 through 5 are built into a slope. Landscaping stones held together with concrete form leveling walls, resulting in two-tiered sites. As the gravel road curves toward the lake, reach site 6, which overlooks the lake from across the road. Then come to the most favored sites, 7 through 9. These directly overlook Lick Fork Lake, which is just a short down-slope walk away."

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Mr. Johnny Molloy’s description of Lick Fork Lake campground in the trail guide here at is complete and accurate. No need to say what has already been said.
I will, however, point out that at a certain time of the year, Lick Fork affords a camper something that is rare in developed campgrounds; and that is solitude.

Summer is the time to find it, and mid-week is a more specific place to look for it.
Any site, except the camp host site (#10), is usually available Tuesday through Thursday during the hotter summer months and it is not uncommon to have the whole campground to yourself during those mid-week nights. There is no guarantee of that, but I have made two visits this summer during mid-week and had the whole Lick Fork Valley to myself 5 out of the 6 total nights I spent there. That was pretty special.

Day-use areas:

Picnic areas and the beach get light to moderate use during mid-week in the summer. Mid-week users are usually local families and they are usually not loud groups. Most of the sounds coming from the beach area on my last two visits were sounds of happy children. Very cool!

Invariably, day users leave at dusk. 1 by 1 they leave until you are sealed off in the valley. Alone in the wild.


Take a look at my Lick Fork Lake pictures and read the descriptions. If the area looks nice to you, and you can imagine having some quality quiet time there…think about coming! Bring the family!! This is a special place that is very well cared for by the Forest Service and the camp host. Just come during mid-week, OK? Weekends do tend to be a little…’active’.

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