Little Pee Dee State Park

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Little Pee Dee State Park

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"Little Pee Dee State Park is one of those destinations that time seems to have passed by. The park exudes an atmosphere as slow moving as the Little Pee Dee River, for which it is named. I drove in during a weekday and barely saw a soul, other than a ranger who rolled by after I set up camp.

After registering me, he confirmed that the park is indeed as relaxing and forgotten as it appears. In his 12 years there, he had seen the 52-site campground fill only twice. Many of the campers who do visit are folks from the Myrtle Beach area who want to escape the madness that sometimes envelops that tourist destination."

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Wow! Little Pee Dee State Park is a gem. The second I saw the sun glinting off the placid water of Lake Norton, I fell in love with the place. I also fell in love with the fact that this place is NOT a campground city. Amenities are adequate but basic. Most sites can handle small RV’s but not the really big rigs.

During my mid-week visit in October there was 7 campsites occupied, out of 50 sites available.
The place was quiet with very little vehicle traffic going in and out of the campground.

If you have your own boat, canoe or kayak, bring it. Exploration of Lake Norton is a great way to spend time at Little Pee Dee. Fishing is good too. Electric motors are the only allowed means of propulsion.
Jon boats, canoes and kayaks may be rented at $15/day but it might be hard to find a ranger to rent one from. They are not always present in the campground.

The Beaver Pond Nature Trail was easy and nice. Start at the ranger station for a longer hike (1.3 miles). You will cross the park access road after a short way and then head down to the beaver pond, where the trail loops around it. From there you will retrace your earlier steps back to the ranger station.

There is a nice playground set near the boat ramp and there are two picnic shelters close by as well. The large shelter, near the ranger station is quite nice and it even has a fireplace.
Also near the boat ramp is a displayed piece of petrified wood. Finding this was a surprise.

I’ve posted several photos of this park. Take a look. I’m sure you will agree that Little Pee Dee is a fine spot. If you visit, I’m sure you will agree that this place is fun, safe and clean.

FISHING NOTE: Sterile Grass Carp have been introduced to Lake Norton. These fish are vegetarian and are utilized for aquatic vegetation reduction. It is rare that an angler will catch one, but if that occurs it is asked that they be released back into the water.

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