Mount Gretna

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Mount Gretna

Mount Gretna Professional Guide

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"The Pennsylvania Chautauqua Society founded the quaint small village of Mount Gretna in the 1890s. The Society was attracted to the area's tranquil feel and natural beauty. Walking or driving through the village, one comes to realize that little has changed in the last 100 years. It's as charming as ever. The Mount Gretna Inn is a beautifully restored Victorian home located just a few hundred yards from some of the best mountain bike trails in the area.

The rooms in the inn have been tastefully decorated from the Victorian period. The inn has reasonable prices and offers a package deal that includes mountain bike rentals and guided trips from Mount Gretna Bike Tours in Lebanon. If you're looking for a great get-away that includes awesome mountain biking and a wonderful place to be pampered after you ride, I highly recommend the Mount Gretna Inn. Terrain: Rocky single and doubletrack trails and gravel roads."

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Avon, PA
Explorer | 31 pts
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Being as I live 2 miles from the Cornwall trailhead, I have the pleasure of riding this trail on a weekly basis. This trail is now opened all the way into Lebanon, PA. Beautiful trail consisting mostly of crushed/packed gravel. Very pleasant to ride for all ages. Several benches along the way as well. Mostly flat, though you will ride a few gradual slopes from time to time, especially in the Mt. Gretna area. There are several people on this trail riding, jogging, walking, horseback, but generally spread out enough that you only see someone once every 5-10 minutes on average. The main trailheads also offer access to portable bathrooms, and diners (most notably the Cornwall, Mt.Gretna, Colebook trailheads - spaced about every 4-5 miles). I don't understand why this is not listed as a Rail-Trail on this website??? One of the best maintained trails I've been on and it's not listed under the Rail-Trail map. The trail is also offers quick access to Mt. Gretna via a posted sign on the path, with shops, restaurants, and small lake. Very easy to make an entire day-trip with this trail.
Clay, PA
Pathfinder | 90 pts
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I highly reccomend trying this trail if you are in the area. The trail is fairly well-marked, terrain is challenging but not too difficult. I will be doing a variation of the trail in the near future.

Trail Information

Nearby City
1,239 feet
Elevation Gain
Trail Type
Moderate to Difficult
Technical Difficulty
Moderate to Difficult
Physical Difficulty
2.5 hours
775 feet
Trailhead Elevation
1,150 feet
Top Elevation
Southeast Pennsylvania Game Commission, 610-926-1966.
Local Contacts
Maps: Pennsylvania State Game Lands No. 156 map, Lancaster & Lebanon counties - available from the Pennsylvania Game Commission for $1.00.
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