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    Wissahickon South

    Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania

    Wissahickon South

    Wissahickon South Professional Guide

    Detailed Trail Description from our Guidebook

    "The scenic Wissahickon Gorge, part of Philadelphia's Fairmount Park system, is a natural open oasis surrounded by an ever-swelling urban sprawl. First inhabited by Lenni-Lenape Indians, then Quakers and German immigrants, the park has a history as colorful as Philadelphia itself. It's hard to travel more than a mile in the park without seeing remnants of Philadelphia and America's past.

    After your ride, take the time to enjoy the sights and sounds of this wonderful natural area. Trout fishing, bird watching, flora and fauna identification, and hiking are some of the activities you can pursue before or after your ride. Terrain: Singletrack, doubletrack, dirt and paved roads. The hills are short and steep with lots of rocks and roots for the expert rider to test his or her skills."

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    The Wissahickon is by far the best place to mountain bike in the greater philadelphia area. The mountain bike trails on the West side of the river (the same side as Valley Green Inn) are not as technical as the trails on the East side of the river. The ones on the east side, especially by the Indian Statue are extremely rocky and hilly. The ones on the East side are still very challenging but not as many rocks. For my favorite trail, start at Valley Green Inn on the main bridle trail and go south about 3/4 of mile. After you go down a short hill there will be a trail on the right hand side (the river is on the left). Go down that trail about 1/3 of a mile and the trail forks. Go over the small bridge and take the trail up the hill to the left. Stay on the trail and it will eventually drop you off on Lincoln Drive.

    Trail Information

    Chestnut Hill
    Nearby City
    791 feet
    Elevation Gain
    Trail Type
    Moderate to Difficult
    Technical Difficulty
    Moderate to Difficult
    Physical Difficulty
    2 hours
    105 feet
    Trailhead Elevation
    200 feet
    Top Elevation
    Fairmount Park Rangers, 215-685-2172
    Local Contacts
    USGS Germantown, PA; Fairmount Park Commission / Wissahickon Trail System map - general map available from the park office for $2; more detailed map available at Valley Green Inn for $5.
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