Baylor Pass

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Baylor Pass

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"The National Recreation Trail over Baylor Pass roughly follows the route taken by the Confederate cavalry while engaging the Union infantry in 1862 during the Civil War. Near Las Cruces, Colonel John Baylor was attacked by Union troops under Major Isaac Lynde. Baylor’s inferior force nonetheless held its ground against the Union, and apparently, the sight of blood was enough to send Lynde packing out of nearby Fort Fillmore, a supply base he considered indefensible.

Legend has it that, as the Union soldiers destroyed the supplies at Fort Fillmore in preparation for their retreat, they were loath to pour out a store of good medicinal whisky, instead using it to fi ll their canteens. As they retreated toward San Augustin Pass, the July sun and whisky soon dehydrated the marchers. Baylor easily caught Lynde’s stragglers, who readily surrendered for a drink of water. Then Baylor and several hundred mounted troops dashed across the pass that would bear his name, and surprised Lynde’s main Union force at San Augustin Spring, where Lynde accepted Baylor’s demand for unconditional surrender."

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This trail is a moderately climbing trail with great views of the surrounding area. Beautiful wildflowers in the summer after the rains.
Directions to trailhead were confusing but we found the trail because we stopped in at the National Forest on the way. The Ranger gave us very simple directions. Trail was OK but somewhat boring. Could have been pretty much anywhere nothing special about it. Of course I started hiking in the Appalachis last summer and am currently hiking the SouthWest. My advice would be to go to the Lincoln Forest before the Gila because after the Gila everything appears mundane. I hike with my dog and I am so glad I did this on a weekday when nobody was out as the trail is shared by hikers and motor vehicles. A person could get run down by some of these big ATV's out here.

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