Wildcat Mountain

Shelburne, New Hampshire 03581

Wildcat Mountain

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"The Carter–Moriah Range is both rugged and wild. This particular hike is especially exhilarating because it passes an eerily beautiful boggy area along the Ellis River and Lost Pond before ascending Wildcat Mountain. Wildcat features five peaks, but this hike will take you to only two—Peaks East and D. Atop Peak East (elevation 4,046'), you will pass near the Wildcat Mountain Gondolas.

In season, the gondola can be taken back down to NH 16. Most of the ski trails descend to NH 16 as well. The peaks get progressively higher as you head northward. If you feel you have the time and energy, it is another strenuous 1.8 miles to Peak A of Wildcat Mountain (elevation 4,380')."

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Detailed Trail Descriptions from Our Guidebooks

Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast (Appalachian Mountain Club Books)
David Goodman
"This is a thrilling, scenic ski tour from the top of Wildcat Mountain to the town of Jackson."
Lisa Densmore
"This is a steep ascent to a wooded ridge and two of the Wildcat mountains, including one 4,000-footer with a viewing platform and a 360-degree view. The trail dips a couple of times, then resumes its upward progress. Wildcat Mountain is really five knobs (summits) along a 2-mile ridge. They are lettered A to E from east to west. Wildcat A is the highest at 4,422 feet. Wildcat D, at 4,062 feet, is also considered a 4,000-footer, but the others are not due to their proximity to A and D without the requisite 200-foot rise from the ridge. The ridge was likely named by Arnold Guyot, who used the Wildcat moniker on his 1860 map of the region. Wildcats D and E are sometimes affectionately called the Wild Kittens because it takes a mountain lion cub’s tenacity to climb them, but once on top, you will purr at the delightful view. The hike to both Wild Kittens is described here, with the turnaround at the viewing platform atop Wildcat D. For those who wish to traverse the entire ridge, continuing to Wildcats C, B, and A, that option is included at the end of the hike description."
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