Mount Sunapee, Andrew Brook Trail

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Mount Sunapee, Andrew Brook Trail

Mount Sunapee, Andrew Brook Trail Professional Review and Guide

"I’ve always thought of the Andrew Brook Trail as being located on Mount Sunapee’s back side. No disrespect intended, but the trail ascends this gentle mountain on its quiet southeastern slopes out of sight of Sunapee Lake and the always busy ski area that lies on the north side of the hill. Mount Sunapee’s summit is graced by a snack bar with all the accouterments, and, even in summer, hosts sedentary types who arrive by chairlift to enjoy the limited view.

Fortunately, inveterate hikers can avoid all this commotion by circling around back and walking directly to the mountain’s genuine attractions about a mile below the peak. Few chairlift passengers ever discover the contemplative shore of tranquil Lake Solitude and the wondrous views from the top of White Ledges that are really the highlights of this hike. Special attractions: Distant mountain views overlooking Lake Solitude, a contemplative pine shaded shore, and refreshments available at the summit."

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2 hour Round trip - "Brook" is the key word here as most of the trail is very wet and rocky. The hike up is abut an hour and the Lake Solitude serves as "the rabbit" to ease the climb! Bring your Off as the mosquitos are vicious. Did not have time to get to the White Ledges but now have reason to go back. Passed a couple on the way down with fishing rods and a few 18" Brown Trout!
I went on this hike for the first time the other day, and it was wonderful. It is a hike I could do frequently, if only to relax up on the White Ledges and enjoy the views.
I saw a moose on this hike, therefore a great experience! I couldn't believe it it jumped across the trail and darted so quickly I didn't have time to snap a picture! It was a great climb up to the lake Make sure to continue up to the ledges above the lake and be rewarded with the view!
This is the most interesting hike on Mt. Sunapee. For those having difficulty in locating the trail head it is exactly 1.1 miles from the left turn onto Mountain Road from Route NH 103 and on the right. From approaching the other end I don't know the distance. The parking area is an enlarged gravel shoulder and just before crossing a small bridge. There is a trailhead to Lake Solitude after just entering Mountain Road on the right but ignore this unless that is the trail you want.. The trail leads initially to Lake Solitude. There are a few orange blazes on the trees at the beginning but the trail is soon marked with a blue blaze and you should follow those signs. Once you get to Lake Solitude and find the path to the White Ledges the signs turn to white/Orange blaze again which will take you to the top of the ledges and then onto the last mile or so to the summit. The summit lodge was closed the day we did it in July. But I suspect its only open out of season for fall foliage.
This is a very pleasant hiking trail that had asurprising amount of snow above 2100 feet made for a very interesting hike, especially as the trail from about 2500 feet to lake Isolation is in need of maintenance. Any volunteers?
I have hiked the trail in the summer and in the winter. It does not have very clear signage from the road but there is a turnout off of Mountain Road and there are signs. If you look at the trail on a map it isn't too complicated. That said I may have the advantage of having hiked it in the summer first. However, I would encourage you to try again because it is a great trail. If you need more information try getting a local trail map which should have it pretty clearly.
EVen though your site had it rated for winter hiking, It was very hard to fing the beginning of the trail, and even locals didnt know where to go, when one kinda had the right idea, there was no beginning to the trail, and no trail signs or paths. The ride to Andrewe Brook was very nice though, to bad i didnt even get to hike the trail, after a 2 hour ride and about 2 hours of trying to find it. The fact that the locals didnt even know how to get there bothered me. it made me feel that this trail really is that spectacular. Better luck next time i guess.

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