Signal Hill

Statesville, North Carolina 28677

Signal Hill

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"This is an excellent singletrack playground, particularly considering that it’s 1 minute off the interstate. The builders have made excellent use of a limited space with a trail that twists and swoops over humps and bumps without seeming congested or slow.

Lots of tight turns, multiple dips, and a half-dozen excellent jumps along the back stretch keep it interesting. The trail is clearly marked and fairly easy to follow. Any time you’re running past Statesville, take your bike and check it out; it’s probably the best half hour you’ll spend all day. Tread: Singletrack, nothing but singletrack."

Signal Hill Reviews

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Not great; not bad. Just pretty ok. A moderate amount of trash, indicating that some of the local citizens don't take great pride in what their city has given them. Not very populated...that was nice.
Was looking for a fun trail to ride with my 10 year old daughter. This trail is fantastic. They've made great use of the area, and it appears to be very well maintained. There are a lot of really cool ramps, jumps, banking turns, dips, etc. There are even a few very technical parts for more advanced riders, but every thing has been built with a bypass for those not interested in fun. Great ride for most of the family. My daughter finished tired, but thrilled.
I was driving through the area and had my bike with me so I decided to ride. The trail is a single track that offers a short circuit ride. It is very flat and has a few fun, tight turns and quick climbs to give you a decent workout, but overall the trail is in poor shape. A few of the problems I had with the trail include a lack of signage, glass on the trail, and overall trail quality being low. It is fairly well marked at the beginning, but it gets increasingly more unclear as you go. I lost the trail about 3/4 of the way in and followed a gravel road back to the parking lot (after being led by a faux trail into a brier patch). You should keep an eye out for pieces of glass on the trail, as I noticed some in multiple places. The trail itself was nearly overgrown in some of the fields and has a feel to it that it is not well-maintained (which is fine, it takes a lot of volunteers to keep trails in good shape). The scenery is average--the trail winds around a creek, some fields and woods, so its a nice way to change up your everyday suburban scene. I didn't see any other riders on the weekeday I rode, but there were a few guys playing frisbee golf near the trailhead. Overall, if your looking for a place to train and you don't have many/any other options, there are worse trails. But if you have other options, I would probably go with them.
This ride is short but fun. Not very technical, but enough stuff going on to keep you entertained! The trail is best when dry, especiall a couple of days after a rain. It is an urban trail, so expect to see some broken glass here and there... as far as maintenance, the trail is currently well marked and maintained...
This place sucked! All overgrown with weeds and no guide!
I had a lot of fun on this trail. For such a small area and so close to the freeway you can''t beat it. If you are passing through the area it''s only a couple minutes off the freeway, but it doesn''t seem like it when you are riding it. Not too technical, but plenty of fast runs.
I had a great time on this trail. There was a variety of terrains and obsticals that would keep anyone entertained. At the beginning of the trail were hilly runs with switchbacks. Later in the trail were a few manmade obsticals like a see-saw, a log bridge, and a 3-foot wheelie-drop. The third part of the trail features a line-up of four or five whoop-de-doos. This is a not a great trail for honing you technical skills, but it IS a great trail for having a lot of fun!

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Trail Information

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Trail Type
Technical Difficulty
Easy to Moderate
Physical Difficulty
30 to 45 minutes
860 feet
Trailhead Elevation
865 feet
Top Elevation
USGS Statesville East; map posted at trailhead
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