White Oak River

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White Oak River

White Oak River Professional Review and Guide

"The headwaters of the White Oak River originate in Hofmann Forest as a narrow, swampy, blackwater stream. After passing US 17 between Belgrade and Maysville, it flows thorough lakes created by quarry operations. Croatan National Forest borders the east bank of the river, but most of the riverfront is privately held.

As the river widens and deepens, it becomes tidal freshwater. Below Stella, the White Oak becomes more than a mile wide before reaching Swansboro and Bogue Sound/Inlet. This eTrail contains 3 sections of the White Oak River from Gibson Creek Road (Onslow Co. 1332) bridge to Wetherington Landing Road (Carteret Co. 1101) access."

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My son Vlad, his friend Ashton and I paddled the White Oak trial through Croatan National Forest. We put in at Dixon Field Landing (N34d53'29', w77d13'59") at 4:00 pm. We traveled down a side creek through a cypress swamp to the river. from here we went down river. The sun went down and we were soon traveling by moon light through the tight and twisting channel. As we paddled heard owls hooting, frogs croaking and fish breaking the water. About 9:00 we arrived at Haywood Landing (N34d49'12", W77d11'9") where we made camp. The next day we broke camp and started paddling down stream. The river started to widen out as we paddled. The current was about 2 miles per hour so we could make 4MPH easily. the river was changing from Cypress marsh to saw grass marsh. We could see where alligators had built nests. early that afternoon we reached Long Point Landing (N34d47'52", W77d10'42") and made camp. We then paddled back upstream to explore some side creeks we had passed. The next day we broke camp and paddle down river through saw grass marshes. We saw turtles on the banks catching some rays as the sun rose. the day turn warm and so we splashed each other to cool off.. That afternoon we took out at Boondock Landing (n34d46'31", W77d9'11") where we had left a vehicle.
We started at the camp ground on hwy 17 But you can start above there if you want. We took out at the first landing in the nat’l forest you paddle through some shallow and narrow parts that are passable all times but hi water doesn’t hurt. You pass through the lakes then empty in to a wooded river bottom where we saw a lot of owls. You then pass through a nice old swamp with Spanish moss and lots of birds it is really a nice trip I will be up there This weekend to do the whole thing I hope and will post pics if you have any ? Huckbig87@gmail.com
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