Boulder Hot Springs

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Boulder Hot Springs

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"One of the last remaining grand hotels from the golden age of Montana’s hot springs resorts. The thermal waters on the hillside behind the hotel feed indoor men’s and women’s plunges, as well as an outdoor pool with breathtaking views of the Boulder Valley. The hotel now serves the dual roles of a bed and breakfast inn and a peaceful center for workshops and retreats. There are 32 separate hot springs scattered across the hill behind the outdoor pool and hotel. Ten of these springs, with temperatures ranging from 150 to 175 degrees F, are collected in holding tanks near the pool.

The water is then piped through the hotel’s heating system, as well as directly into the plunges and steam rooms. The 20-foot by 60-foot outdoor pool varies in depth from 3 to 5 feet and is kept at 95 degrees F. A 50-yard-long brick sidewalk connects the outdoor pool to a cozy sitting room. Just south of the sitting room are the women’s plunges, with a 104-degree-F warm water plunge and a stimulating 75-degree-F cold water plunge. The smaller men’s area north of the sitting room contains a single 104-degree-F plunge. Both plunge areas also contain steam rooms and showers. Developed."

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Boulder Hot Springs are a great place to soak away the chill from spending a cold winter's day outdoors. 1 outdoor pool which is fairly warm, despite the sub-zero air temperatures. Male and Female changing rooms each have steam room and indoor HOT soaking pool. No shared indoor pools.

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