Black Creek Trail Fairley Bridge Landing to Janice Landing

Wiggins, Mississippi 39577

Black Creek Trail Fairley Bridge Landing to Janice Landing

Black Creek Trail: Fairley Bridge Landing to Janice Landing Professional Review and Guide

"This section of trail begins its upstream trek in the lower Black Creek valley, traversing the thick woods of South Mississippi. Much of the trail lies within the corridor of the federally designated wild and scenic portion of the river. The path then heads for the hills, literally the Red Hills, making the first of many forays into the surprisingly challenging pine forests lining the watershed.

The trail inevitably turns toward the river, only to head away again, entering more hill country, where it begins a long winding trek through the Black Creek Wilderness. Down Mill Creek, up Black Creek, and around Beaverdam Creek—the trail meanders among many forest types before exiting the wilderness at a parking area near Janice Landing."

Black Creek Trail: Fairley Bridge Landing to Janice Landing Reviews

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I drove down today planing to hike the whole trail. Got there and i thought, this is going to be great. the parking area was really nice and well kept with pic nic tables and even a rest room. I got loaded up and hit the trail. After about 15 minutes of fighting fallen trees and chest high weeds I said forget this. It didn't even look like anyone had walked this part of the trail in a long long time. I know i was on the right trail too because I could see the occasional white diamond trail camera battery was dead so i did get to take any pictures. Some one please tell me that the whole thing is not that way. May try again in late late fall when the weeds and tall grass have died down... left there and headed down to Tuxachanie instead.
Trail is swampy in places--lots of deadfall but still passable. Well marked.
Mosquitoes are as big as quarters so take bug spray! The trail is VERY much over grown with grass, weeds, vines, and wild blackberries. The trail has not been cleared is some time so wear pants so the thorns do not hurt your legs. There is no path to the creek from point 10 on the map to Janice Landing. If you choose to make your own path, take cutters (it can be done). We did cut a path to the creek but is was VERY hard and we were both worn out! Next time, we will canoe - no more hiking that trail for this girl! (Pix at
does anyone know if the trail has been cleared at all or any better since march of 2007. I am trying to plan an overnighter and based on the last review i am going to plan it somewhere else if that is still the case..
Drove over from New Orleans with a buddy intending to do a fast, there-and-back one nighter. Both of have many 1-5 night hikes under our belt; we are healthy active 20 somethings. March 2007. At the trailhead there is no mention of any trail damage or debris from Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, not even 1/2 an hour into the trail it becomes apparent that little trail maintenance has been done since the storm. After becoming seriously lost because the trail blazes are non-existant, we grew more wary. Someone has gone thru and marked the trail with pink ribbon as most of the blazes are on trees which the storm felled. Unfortunately, you can only go 10 minutes at best before you are blocked by heavy trees fallen, requiring 15 minute detours or climbs to pass. We persevered thru lunch, having only made ~3 miles in as many hours. We finally gave up though when we bush-whacked through another fallen debris mess to find a forest service posting that the bridge ahead was out and the trail impassable. The forest is thick with underbrush and debris, so any sort of detour would have been difficult and required better maps than we had. We went back to the Fairley Bridge Trailhead and set up camp and had a leisurely afternoon and night. The trailhead is quite nice, right next to the Black Creek it is also a canoe put in, so you do get people driving up throughout the day (we only saw three, but it was a Thursday, I imagine weekend traffic is more). We drove up to the Janice Landing trailhead the next morning to see if it was any better there. Got in 5 minutes and hit a huge fallen tree and storm debris. Gave up and decided to have lunch in Gulfport. First time we've ever had to give up on a trail. Bottom line: The trail is impassable due to storm damage. Fallen trees, inadequate blazing, and bridges still out as of March 2007.
We did not hike on the trail, but we canoed on the Black Creek. We had 2 dogs that could not stay out of the water, so a hike would have been futile. We found a great little outfitter right on the creek that took us about 5 miles up the creek, so we could float/paddle back down to the outfitter's. The water was a little low, so there was a few spots where my husband had to get out and pull the canoe through. The creek was still pretty easy to maneuver, even with the few trees still not cleared from Katrina. It was a wonderfully hot and relaxing day on the creek for all four of us.
This is a great trail for a short weekend hike. The trail is excellent. It was very well marked and easy to follow. The first few miles were wet so if it has rained recently expect water on the trail. I was suprised by the hills on the first part of the trail. Don't expect to see a lot of Black Creed on this trail unless you leave the trail. There were several places when the trail was right on the creek but not as much as I expected. Also don't expect to walk up to the creek's edga as the banks in most locations are steep. The creek looks like it would make a great weekend float trip. I used Black Creek Canoe rental to shuttle my car to the end of the trail and they were very reliable. Had a great trip. Three stars!

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