Sac River Trail

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Sac River Trail

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"The Sac River Trail is located on a 300-acre tract near the city of Springfield's wastewater treatment plant, but nothing stinks about this ride. Opened in summer of 1996, it's a sweet six miles of interconnecting single-track that seems like much more. Springfield residents are lucky to have such a great network right in their backyard.

It's equally good for a quick lunch-hour ride or an entire afternoon of blasting along smooth single-track paths that wander across a small prairie and twist through narrow gaps in the scrubby forest that is reclaiming this old farm. It's a fun ride for beginners and experts alike. The only technical features you'll face are a few tight turns over small rock ledges, several jumps and ramps built for people who like a little air with their ride, and some really tight spots in the woods where you'll lean your bike every which way to avoid catching a tree with your handlebars."

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Depending on where you’re from, this particular trail remains closer to 4.0-4.8 stars but we'll round to 5.0 for alternative availability & proximity sake. Fellow Springfield'ers should indeed remain pleased. They're lucky to have obtained such an adequate ride within such ideal reach. If more comparable quality also existed along the outskirts of town; if weather indigenous to this geographic locale, especially freezing winters, soupy – swampy downright clammy summer downpours & consequently sometimes muddy, non ride-able, steam room like, lung-collapsing conditions let up a bit more often & if elevation differentiation remained closer to a 2000' or so mark instead of a mere couple hundred feet or so, this could almost be termed a weekend warriors paradise. Since the park is actually closed from 9pm to 5am throughout summer months, unfortunately a legal potential doesn’t exist for night riders looking to avoid oftentimes-sweltering summer humidity. It would definitely see more liveliness if this lame rule could change. As is oftentimes true for many MTB trails, a bit more actual use or more continuity in the weed abatement measures department would fare nicely as several of these species overgrow fast in this ideal muggy environment & just plain itch long after the initial trail whacking. Even so, throughout the duration of my stay, I’ll ride this area many more times. Throughout the drier months, this particular trail, even with its potential for subsequent insect bites, native species allergic reaction (LoL), sometimes muddy conditions & potential for light to moderate heat stroke, still remains well worth potentially longer distances required to traverse a commute. Come check the place out. Weather permitting; you’ll be glad you did. Just properly hydrate your system accordingly. By the way, for a post-ride cool down alternative, don't forget your fishing gear. Ride On!
This was my second ride here, and it's a great place to ride, being so close to SGF. Both times, it wasn't crowded and it had a good variety to ride on. The outer perimeter trail is a great longer loop, ridden both ways, especially clockwise. I havn't ridden the inner trails, but they look like great spurs. The one thing to watch out for, is in the summer if it's dry like it was, is that some of the hills can get pretty loose. I ate it pretty good and had to go home for hand repairs, due to sliding down a hill. All in all, very fun! I'm happy to donate my blood to the trails anyday.
This trail was very challeging. However, the trails are not marked. We spent over two hours trying to find our way out of the woods, running out of water and becoming very dehydrated. It is suggested that riders bring a GPS or a compuse and map before attempting to ride this trail.
I have raced all over Missouri and this trail is in the top 3! It is great for all skill levels.
I live over three hundred miles from this trail and was told of it by a bike shop in Springfield while I was passing thru. It is by far the best trail I have ridden. I wish I lived in Springfield as this trail is heads above everything I've tried closer to home.

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Anytime is right for this trail. Spring and fall are always best, but the whole north half of this network is shaded, so summer rides are great, too. If you get a little chilly in winter, you're never more than a mile from your car and a drive to Springfield for hot drinks or libations.
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