Eleven Point River Thomasville to MO 142

Alton, Missouri 65606

Eleven Point River Thomasville to MO 142

Eleven Point River: Thomasville to MO 142 Professional Review and Guide

"The Eleven Point begins as a series of small creeks that unite just to the west of Thomasville, Missouri. One of the many theories about how the Eleven Point was named holds that 11 small creeks form its headwaters. Another theory states that someone shot an eleven-point deer on the river and the name was derived from that great event. Many more theories circulate in this area, but no two people can agree on which is correct. The Eleven Point River was listed in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act upon its initial passage by Congress in 1968, and it is thereby protected from Thomasville to MO 142, a distance of 45 miles.

Sightings of wild turkey, deer, and beaver are common, and on a recent trip a group of paddlers reported sighting a bald eagle. Trout also abound from Greer Crossing to Riverton, so make sure you have a fishing license and trout stamp. The cold, deep green water that emanates from Greer Spring gives the river most of its volume as well as the famous fog that hangs above the river until mid-morning on hot summer days. Densely forested banks that slope gently away from the river are mixed with steep rocky bluffs, usually on the opposite side of the river."

Eleven Point River: Thomasville to MO 142 Reviews

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Water levels were high enough despite the general drought that we didn't get stuck any more than a few paddle pushes could solve. Hit a tree once and almost capsized, but other than that this is a marvelous river to canoe and fish. We used Richards Canoe Rental right near the Greer access point and they picked us up the next day at Hwy. 142. The most beautiful river I have ever been on. Truly "wild & scenic". We also hiked for two days in the adjacent Irish Wilderness. The only problem we had was that Whites Creek was dry and we couldn't filter any water. We rationed it and made it out fine. This is an amazing hike, but I do recommend proper hiking shoes as there are a lot of rocks on the trail.
A buddy and I recently made a day long fishing trip from Cane Bluff to Greer Crossing. I was a disappointed in water clairity for the majority of the float, but the wildlife, strong smallmouth population, and non-existance of development made this a great and quite trip down the river. It was an unbelieveable surprise to close out the day with the such a bold and dramatic change in the rivers ecosystem when we rolled past where Greer Spring dumps in. Everything was greener, the fish bigger, water clearer, landscape more dramatic (above and below the water line). Greer Spring is something super special to all who pass.
Our trip was anything but relaxing on this time, was the 2nd time in 15yrs we've canoed this river at flood stage. The river runs very fast at this stage the sharp bends and obstacles can make it dangerous. Our trip, involved involuntary swimming at one point when we capsized after hitting a tree. The river was about 8ft deep where it's usually 1-1 1/2ft. The Eleven Point River has a Wild and Scenic designation so you get a true wilderness experience on the upper part of the river. I would recommend the entire Thomasville to The Narrows trip of about 45mi., when water levels allow it The springs are awesome(there are alot of them) and sporty parts are just plain fun. You can camp on the gravel bars or the float camps.

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