Superior Hiking Trail Cross and Temperance Rivers

Tofte, Minnesota 55615

Superior Hiking Trail Cross and Temperance Rivers

Superior Hiking Trail: Cross and Temperance Rivers Professional Review and Guide

"Start off with a nice walk through a maple and yellow birch dominated forest followed by stunning views out over Lake Superior. Then comes Fredenberg Creek and Booney Meadow with wildflowers and grassy marsh. This is followed by the historic Cross River with potholes, meanders, waterfalls, old stream channels, and slumps. After the river there is a gently climb to the “height of land,” and then a descent into the Temperance River Valley to the Temperance River and its rocky basalt channel and shores which provide a variety of water carved features.

As Judy said, “A super two rivers walk.” After yesterday’s walk, from the Caribou River Wayside to here, we spent the night at a National Forest Service campground on Nine Mile Lake. This is a lovely spot with large sites, big trees, and a wooden walkway along the lake; as an extra bonus we were the only ones there! However, this morning it was a brrrr 38 degrees, Charlie wanted in my sleeping bag, and the coffee didn’t stay warm for long. Even with the cold start the day looks like another of those perfect for hiking; clear, deep blue sky, gentle breeze, and the temperature now at about 55 degrees."

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