Mount Katahdin

Millinocket, Maine 04462

Mount Katahdin

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"The towering conclusion to the 2174-mile Appalachian Trail (AT), Mount Katahdin stands above Maine amid a sea of lakes, forests, rivers, and rolling hillsides. Rugged, rocky, and raw, the massive peak leaves nearby summits in its shadow, while intoxicatingly luring countless visitors to its dizzying heights. A hike to Katahdin’s summit can instill memories to last a lifetime; however, the mountain should be approached with respect. Underestimating the physical and natural challenges presented can result in serious injury or worse. Katahdin is arguably the most strenuous hike in New England, and its weather is unforgiving. Approach the hike with ample preparation and caution, and the reward will be strikingly beautiful vistas, intriguing natural features, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment."

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Best of the Appalachian Trail Day Hikes (Menasha Ridge Press)
Leonard M. Adkins & Victoria and Frank Logue
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"From Katahdin’s Baxter Peak, the surrounding lakes shimmer in the sunlight thousands of feet below. Katahdin affords one of the most expansive wilderness views east of the Mississippi River and one of the most outstanding hikes on the A.T. Katahdin, known by the Abenaki Indians as Kette-Adene, meaning “greatest mountain,” is not part of a range of mountains. Instead, the gray granite monolith towers alone over the central Maine forests. The A.T. follows the Hunt Spur Trail from Katahdin Stream Campground along the route used in 1804 by Charles Turner Jr., who made the first known ascent of the peak." Read more

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Took cathedral up then knife edge and Helon down.

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10 hours
June through October
Views, Waterfalls
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