The Bold Coast—Cutler Preserve Trail

Cutler, Maine 4626

The Bold Coast—Cutler Preserve Trail

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"A remote hike along a wild and windswept coastal headland, with spectacular seaward views from steep, jagged cliffs. Along the Bold Coast, land meets sea in a spectacular crash of wild Atlantic surf and sheer, jagged cliffs.

This is the “other” Maine, and in some ways, Acadia’s alter ego: rugged, remote, and spare, but equally impressive. This loop hike explores a diverse landscape of barrens, bogs, and maritime forest, as well as a dramatic jaunt along the coast’s windswept, precipitous edge."

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Hiking Maine: A Guide to the State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (Falcon Guides)
Greg Westrich
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"This iconic Maine hike is long for a day hike, but the terrain is relatively flat and never dull. You can also camp along the coast near Fairy Head and make the hike an easy two-day trip. The trail passes atop some of the highest sea cliffs in New England, and visits several miles of rocky coast and two cobbled beaches. You also hike through mossy spruce forest and meadows of rose bushes and tall grass."

The Bold Coast—Cutler Preserve Trail Trip Reports

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5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars
Wrote the same review for 3 Bold Coast trails, I don't know them individually. I did the whole loop starting in the lot to the coastal trail, camped at site 2 and returned on the inland trail. The parking lot is a descent size, has a large outhouse. No water available. I arrived at night and slept in the bed of pickup the first night w/o issue.
A few important things to note are the following. No good water available, pools of water are brackish and/or swamp. One stream with a very low flow halfway down coastal trail, which had a dead chipmunk upstream I found out when filtering. I used a filter and sweetwater solution on the stream and swamp water (see picture), didn't get sick but the water will be brown from the swamp. Only 3 campsites, each has enough room for about 2-4 tents or hammocks, first come first serve and they each have at least 1 large mesh outdoor box with a toilet seat on top (site 2 has two of them facing each other if you feel competitive). Light house across the bay to South has a fog horn, goes off every 8 seconds or so. It's a loud low tone and after a while I tuned it out so no problem, if you can tune it out.
The coastal trail is challenging, multiple elevation changes, rocky rooted trail, has amazing view the whole way. It's a combination of on the shore and slightly inland. Halfway is the stream and trail that brings you to inland trail, didn't do that trail. Along the way is a nice pebbled beach accessible down very steep trail, it's a climb to get back up. After looping the South end you go to the inland trail, the growth here is like something out of fantasy and none of my pictures do it justice. Also has elevation changes but easier than the coastal. There are viewpoints along both trails, all but one were worth seeing. Barely any bugs/ mosquitoes and wildlife I saw was all small but heard wolves across the road from parking lot the first night. I will be hiking this again but bring a lot of water plus the filter and solution.

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Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, Quoddy Regional Land Trust
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