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Fort Knox

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"Fort Knox, famous as the nation’s gold depository, is a 170-square-mile army training facility for tank and other armored crews. On a small corner of this huge base are two short trails open to the public, except during special training exercises and some hunting seasons. The two trails share a common parking area.

This two-part hike on the Fort Knox reservation takes you to a dramatic multitiered waterfall and then on a shady stroll down the old Louisville–Nashville Turnpike across three Civil War bridges."

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We did the 2 mile dirt trail to the waterfall. The waterfall was really cool, but unless you live close to Ft. Knox this hike was too short to drive to. We skipped the road path also included in the guide. There were some shady people around too.
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The Bridges to the Past / Tioga Falls trail is a very enjoyable and historic hike. The trail starts by crossing a little bridge by the gravel parking lot and gently winds its way towards the falls. The trail is wide enough to walk side by side with someone else and the area has a peaceful and isolated feel. The only exception to this is the fact that every now and then a military plane of helicopter will fly over on its way into or out of Fort Knox. After walking for 30 or 40 minutes, you'll reach the falls which look like they came out of a very beautiful classic Kentucky commercial. Along the trail, you can see areas where people built up the trail (what used to be the old Louisville-Nashville carriage road) with stones back in the 1800's. The trail curves around to complete the loop by going to lower elevation (not very steep) and following a pleasant stream on the way back. One particularly interesting place is where a stream appears out of the ground, seemingly from nowhere. Overall, a great 1 or 2 hour afternoon hike with lots of opportunities to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery. Very fun!

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Fort Knox Cultural Resources Office, (502) 624-7431 or 624-6581
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