Waihou Spring

Makawao, Hawaii

Waihou Spring

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"Escape the heat in Maui’s forested highlands, where this shady trail carpeted with pine needles winds around toward ocean views. A steep descent to a seasonal spring—and the hike back uphill from the streambed—will elevate your heart rate."

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This has both an East and West Loop. The rain forest in this area is amazing. While calls this a hiking trail, it is clearly used a lot by Mt Bikers. The locals have added burms and jumps and roll overs. This area is really fun for both bikers and hikers. I would recommend this to everyone. Park at the road before you go into the park, otherwise they might close the gate and lock your car in. The trails are short but there are many ways to take them and tons of fun. I have pics of my trip here

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Suzanne Swedo
"This hike in cool upcountry Maui takes you through an experimental forest of pines planted by the U.S. Geological Service and Hawaii’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife. The spring itself is usually dry, unless it has very recently rained, but the setting is pretty anytime. It is an easy, fairly level loop with an optional short but very steep side trip down to the spring—not difficult if you take your time. Go around a gate and through a hikers’ entrance to wander down a wide needle-strewn road between regular rows of pines. At a junction about 0.1 mile along, a sign keeps you pointed straight ahead (south). Descend gradually, dipping into a gully in a grove of ash trees. Just beyond, another sign marks the beginning of the loop part of the hike. Turn right (west), starting the loop in a counterclockwise direction. Occasional redwoods join the pines and ash trees."
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Robert Stone
"Waihou Spring Trail is above the up-country town of Makawao in the Waihou Spring Forest Reserve. The beautiful reserve borders the state-run tree experimentation project planted in the 1920s. The trail begins on the tree plantation road and loops through a forest of Monterey cypress, pines, eucalypti and koa. A side path leads to an overlook and descends into Kailua Gulch at an enclosed, boulder-strewn canyon with numerous caves. Old water diversion tunnels are cut into the face of the surrounding cliffs."

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