Ogeechee River

Rocky Ford, Georgia 30455

Ogeechee River

Ogeechee River Professional Guide

Detailed Trail Description from our Guidebook

"Take note of the artesian spring at the landing here. The crystal outflow has been corralled with a pipe that leads to other pipes and then sprays upward, creating a noisy artificial waterfall.

The river is about 60 feet wide at this point; it has left the Piedmont and is changing to more of a Coastal Plain stream. Coloration ranges from tea to tan, depending on sediment from recent rainfalls. Trees grow tall on the shoreline, creating a tall and graceful wooded corridor."

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Trail Information

Rocky Ford
Nearby City
Skill Level
3.5 hours
Ogeechee River at Rocky Ford Road; minimum runnable level 160 cfs. Gradient is 1.1 feet per mile.
Tidal Information
Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, Suite 1252 East Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334; (404) 656-3500; www.gadnr.org
Local Contacts
USGS: Four Points, Rocky Ford; DeLorme: Georgia Atlas and Gazetteer, page 46
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