Beaver Creek Loop Trail

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Beaver Creek Loop Trail

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"Here is a fun hike in the 27,000-acre Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area. Rugged mountains, an incredible diversity of plant and animal life, and a beautiful rushing creek highlight this loop. The trail offers big climbs and long descents, and the end of the trail quietly follows a gulch filled with huge trees, high canyon walls, and a peppering of wildflowers.

This area also boasts one of the richest wildlife habitats in Colorado, including one of the greatest concentrations of mountain lions in the state. Keep your eyes peeled for the likes of bighorn sheep, mule deer, elk, black bear, and bobcat, as well. Skies above are graced with peregrine falcons, hawks, and eagles."

Beaver Creek Loop Trail Reviews

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Great hike that offers a variety of topography and flora. Hiked this trail counter-clockwise vs the normal clockwise. Did not see much in the way of animal activity - prints or scat. Be mindful of a few things. First, watch the trail. One of the connecting trails in the loop (Powerline trail) had the sign laying on the ground. The creek will need to be crossed at least twice, so bring water shoe's. If you lose the trail during creek crossings, stay close to the creek and you'll pick up the trail again. Great views within the canyon area's, but panoramic views are somewhat limited - don't let that deter you, the views are still beautiful. This is a wilderness study area, so help preserve this pristine area by only taking pictures and only leaving foot prints.
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I agree that this was a beautiful hike, at least the Beaver Creek trail and first ½ of the Power Line trail. It has some great rock formations, wild flowers and views of the swift flowing Beaver Creek. I did find that the trail guide did lack some details that I’ll try to provide some additional guidance on. First, as you head down the road from the parking lot, the road forks and you need to take the left fork. As the road turns into trail, there is another fork. It was labeled, but wasn’t real clear. Take the right fork which indicates “Trail”, not the “Beaver Creak” fork. I was 0 for 2 on my guesses that day and ended up wasting some time.

The guide also indicates you need cross Beaver Creek. What it doesn’t tell you is that you only go a very short distance before you need to cross back to the same side you were on originally. I wasted some time trying to find a trail as I didn’t realize it was a double crossing. Apparently you cross to avoid a cliff face that comes right down to the water. If I had realized it at the time I would have spent a little time looking for an alternative as the creek was fast and high when I made this hike. I’d also suggest bringing a set of water shoes as the rocks were slippery and hurt my bare feet. The second time I crossed I just left my boots on and hiked the rest of the way with wet feet.

There was also more up and down on the Beaver Creek trail then I expected studying the guide. I wasn’t difficult, just unexpected and a little confusing as I have a hard time judging distances hiking. The view from the summit on the Power Line trail is over rated as there are a lot of trees blocking the view.

Also, watch out for posion ivy around the creek crossing!

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1,486 feet
Elevation Gain
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Moderate to Difficult
Skill Level
4.5 hours
5,955 feet
Trailhead Elevation
7,436 feet
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