Painted Canyon Drive

Mecca, California 92254

Painted Canyon Drive

Painted Canyon Drive Professional Guide

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"This drive takes you into the Mecca Hills Wilderness, a richly colored badland of steep and jagged sedimentary rock and deeply incised, narrow canyons atop the San Andreas Fault. The road winds through a high-walled canyon with even narrower tributary canyons to explore on foot (one of them, Ladder Canyon, is named for a series of ladders that help hikers scale the steepest sections). I think it’s one of the most beautiful desert canyons in California."

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This is a great hike. I took a group of Boy Scouts here and they all had a lot of fun. The trail is very unique; you have to climb up and down ladder’s to progress. There are parts of the hike where the walls of the canyon are only about 3 feet wide.
There is a great place to camp at the end of the dirt road and the trail head. Just make sure you have water and you keep the place clean for the next group.

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45 minutes
Best fall through spring; check local conditions
BLM’s Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office
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ACSC San Bernardino, CRRA
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