The Three T’s

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The Three T’s

The Three T’s Professional Review and Guide

"Timber, Telegraph, and Thunder Mountains form the undulating northeast wall of San Antonio Canyon. This superb romp over the three T’s begins up Icehouse Canyon and descends through the ski resort at Baldy Notch. For an easier hike that shaves off 3 miles and more than half the elevation gain, take the ski lift from the top of Mount Baldy Road up to the notch and do the trip in reverse."

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Good trail. Pretty steep uphill most of the way, but at 3.2 miles it is not too bad. Great views from the top make it worth it.
Great Trail. Did it with my 12 year old son and a friend. The trails are a bit of a workout at times, but definately worth it. You can start from the falls or you can take the chair lift to the trail head on summer weekends. Enjoy a great Mt. hike close to most major So.Cal cities.
MANKER FLATS to SAN ANTONIO FALLS/ SKI HUT, BALDY BOWL to the TOP , DESCENDING on DEVILS BACKBONE TO SKI LIFT at Baldy Notch 8.2 miles: Very tough in the heat ( I have done it in 5-6 hours when cool and rainy) but we had to spell ourselves lao on the way up, wih a big break at the ski hut. Regardless, what a SPECTACULAR hike, great inspiring veiws, spotted 3 mountain goats at the top who ventured very close, an DEVILS BACBONE is very aptly named, Scarey ptiches off to each side but quite walkable if you have your wits about you. Relieved the ski lift was still open at 5:30 pm ( just know it usulayy stops at 5pm on weekends) but was luckily still open so we didn't have to triapse down the boring fire road to the parking lot. And we had had our visual and hiking fill in the heat. But a memorable, very adventuresome one!
Great Hike, steep from hut up to ridge. Also Trail a bit hard to follow accros the bowl after the hut. You wouldn't want to attempt it after sundown.
I've been up Mt. Baldy via all three major trails and they are all great. After reading the reviews here, I thought it might be helpful to add some specifics because at least two different hikes are being described here. The initial description of this hike refers to it being the "least taxing" and from the elevation gain, this would mean that this specific trail is the Devil's Backbone Trail as the first reviewer indicated. Subsequent reviewers have been describing the "Baldy Bowl" trail. In the first review, the person described ascending the Devil's Backbone, then sought to descend the Baldy Bowl trail (which is an excellent shortcut down). But that person actually found themself on the Mt. Baldy Trail which takes the long south ridge all the way down to the village. In summation: Devil's Backbone - Start at Manker Flats. Hike the fire road to the ski lift area. Follow the high ridge west over the Devil's Backbone to the summit. (the easiest trail) On weekends, one can pay to take the chairlift and make the hike even easier. Baldy Bowl - Start at Manker Flats. After a mile or so on fire road, look for trail that heads up a steep flank. At the top of the flank, you'll find the register box. This is the shortest way to get to the summit, but is very steep. Views are restricted until one gains the high ridge. Mt. Baldy Trail (or Bear Flat Trail) - start in town near the ranger station. Follow a road up into a canyon with many residences. Finally the road ends and the trail begins to climb. After you pass Bear Flat, the trail steepens are rarely eases off. Once you gain the south ridge of the mountain, the trail really kicks in maintains a steady steep angle with few respites. It also offers the best views of all the trails. This is by far the hardest trail, but the most rewarding.
This trail ended up being more than 13 miles for us. The whole way up, we thought we were kicking butt. We didn't take the ski lift to the notch, and the peak looked close-- till we realized that the peak we were approaching was not the one we were going to climb. Baldy loomed up ahead, dry and barren with hikers trudging up the winding ridge called the "Devil's Backbone". Although it was easier than it appeared, I was wasted when we reached the top, ad refused to put down my sandwich. A regular tailgate party was pumpin up there, as about 25 people were on the summit with us. After an hour or two of socializing, we decided to head home taking a route that led through a bowl and down to the road on which we started. I wish i had looked at the map cuz the navigator led us down the steepest trail I've been on in a loooooong time. We ran almost the whole way down--couldn't help it! And it was about 6.5 miles instead of the mellow 4.2 we were supposed to take. No worries, all an adventure. Too bad we ended up back in town instead of at the trail head. We had to hitchike back to our truck, where we promptly sat down and opened a bottle of wine. Just so you know, the mosquitos were starting to feed, and that made things a little uncomfortable. Now i dig a challenge, and I like pushing myself, but my legs hurt for 3 days after that wrong turn. Take the trail to the left, my friends. Less blisters, less bandaids (though the canyon at the end is beautiful, you will be too tired to really enjoy it).
My brother-in-law (Norm) and I hit the trail at 6:56 AM, starting from the Manker Flats gate near San Antonio Falls. The falls were quite loud with the additional water from the snow melt. I've been training for a Mt. Rainier climb and I did pretty good up the first two miles. We passed a few folks that had started even earlier but were calling it quits. For this trip I carried a fair amount of water and some extra clothes as there was still snow up the route and at the top. We stopped for a quick break at the Ski Hut and took off some extra clothes. We headed off across the rocky bowl area and then up the switchbacks for the last mile and 2000 feet of gain. When you top out on the first ridge you will find much better views and nicer terrain. There were a few icy spots and more and more snow as we neared the top. I was definitely going strong and we summited at 10 AM feeling that we could have pushed even harder. It was cold and windy and I quickly donned extra clothes. Norm and I talked to a pair of guys who camped overnight there and we also ate some small snacks. After 20 minutes we bailed out and launched back down. It was a non-stop run that took a little under 2 hours.

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