Titus Canyon Trail

Furnace Creek, California 93526

Titus Canyon Trail

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"Titus Canyon is one of the most popular dirt roads within Death Valley National Park, and justly so. The meandering dirt road travels down a narrow canyon, passing the ghost town of Leadfield and the Klare Spring petroglyphs. The trail can only be traveled from east to west, commencing southwest of Beatty in Nevada. The first few miles can be washboardy as the trail travels across the creosote- and sagebrush- covered flats toward the Amargosa Range. Entering Death Valley National Park, the trail first crosses the Von Schmidt Line, the original boundary between California and Nevada, and then the present-day state line into California. Neither is marked. Special Attractions: Leadfield ghost town; Petroglyphs at Klare Spring; Popular, easy trail within Death Valley National Park. High-clearance vehicles are preferred, but not necessary. This trail is dirt roads, but may have rocks, grades, water crossings, or ruts that make clearance a concern in a normal passenger vehicle. The trail is fairly wide, so that passing is possible at almost any point along the trail. Mud is not a concern under normal weather conditions."

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California Desert Byways (Wilderness Press)
Tony Huegel
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"This one-way (east to west only) road is one of the park’s most beautiful and popular backcountry drives. It will take you from the Amargosa Desert to Red Pass, at about 4,200 feet, deep into the Grapevine Mountains. Then it descends to about 165 feet above sea level at Death Valley. Along the way you will pass through multicolored volcanic stream, lakebed and ocean deposits. Sights and side trips include hiking up Titanothere Canyon (the ghost town of Leadfield), seeing petroglyphs and possibly desert bighorn sheep at Klare Spring and experiencing the dramatic narrows of Titus Canyon itself."

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Stunning & beautiful! The trail begins with a well travelled & comfortable shelf road opening up to a breathtaking canyon shaped by water. Very spiritual. Easy drive - take it easy on the shelf.
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Road was in excellent condition. Would have been passable in a passenger car if you were slow and careful.
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We found out that early Oct. is a great time to visit Death Valley! The park was near empty and the weather was gorgeous! Titus Canyon was beautiful, as always. We didn't run into another car or person the entire drive. The trail was pretty washboarded, but in good shape. Probably one of the best drives in Death Valley!
4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars
The road leaving the pavement from the Nevada side, was straight and drivable in any vehicle with bad washboard in spots. Otherwise it was an easy drive as long as you take it easy. Once the trail leaves this long straight it gets windy and steep in spots. The trail can be very narrow as it climbs and winds mostly down but sometimes steeply up, through the mountain pass. There are some steep drop-offs with no guard rails. There is some soft sand toward the bottom of the canyon and 4WD recommended but not always necessary unless there has been rain. I wouldn't know what this drive would be like if wet. Trail is not manicured in most places so your on your own. I drove this trail in a 1996 Toyota Tercel, then the next year in a Isuzu Trooper 4WD. I rate this as one of the best, most scenic and easy trails to drive in Nev - Calif. Do not do this trail in the summer unless you have backup and water.

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Trail Information

Furnace Creek
Nearby City
Trail Type
2.5 hours
October to May, best in dry weather
200 feet
Trailhead Elevation
5,300 feet
Top Elevation
Death Valley National Park
Local Contacts
USGS Gold Center, Daylight Pass, Thimble Peak, Fall Canyon, Beatty, Saline Valley
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