Verde Hot Spring

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Verde Hot Spring

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"The remains of an extensive hot-spring resort, with several pools still available for bathing. Verde Hot Spring was at one time a thriving resort complete with hotel and several baths. Today, all that remains is the foundation for the resort, one main pool, and a couple more in the cliffside. The main pool is located on the foundation of the resort, overlooking the Verde River. The water in the main pool is about 98 degrees F, and there is enough room for several people. The pool is also quite deep, allowing for bathing without having to crouch down as with many other springs. There is a small concrete-block room with a rather stagnant pool of water inside.

There are also pools of hot-spring water in the cliffside, where small caves have been cut. These pools are not the best for bathing, and can be difficult to get into. For decades Verde Hot Spring was, and in some cases remains, a favorite hangout for nudists. Do not be surprised to find people going without clothing here. Once a bustling resort complete with access road and bridge, the hot spring now is in a rather primitive setting and requires a hike of 1 mile to reach."

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You can't get there from Strawberry as the road is closed. The ranger said you can only get there from Camp Verde.
I went down there but ended up staying clear of the springs. I talked to a forest service officer who told me she wouldn't feel right about sending anyone down there and tells her friends not to go. She informed me that over the past year there have been stabbings, shootings and heavy drug use in the main camp site area for the springs. Also they found a dead body which was gang related. So I decided it wasn't for me. To bad since the spring water is very rejuvenating. The whole area was packed down childs rd. I got the feeling most of the people didn't come out of the REI with their gear, they came out of the liquor store. But if you do want to venture out, Fossil Creek has amazingly pristine water and that area is much safer according to the officer. I made it down the crazy dirt road in my old subaru impreza .
This is a truely majickal place. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have any respect for it. Please pack out your garbage! I reccommend going on the weekdays, as there are a lot of unpredictable types there on the weekend. The springs are INCREDIBLE! The majority of bathers are nude, but if you are OK with thier skin, we are generally OK with your suit :) Enjoy this true gem of nature!
it was about 40 min drive from Stawberry to the west (i'm driving really slow). found a place with 6 cars on the bottom of a canyon. drive carefully please. when you will walk to the hot springs, go right (near power station), cross the river (abt 0.5 mile) then go back on opposit side of the river (again o.5 mile) a lot of crazy-drunk people around. please don't be alone. exellentt!
Are you nuts!!! This place is an absolute crap hole! The pools are filled with floating cigarette butts and some weird oil on top. It's disgusting! Oh ya, don't forget about the used condoms that you'll also find around the pools. The one time that I navigated this long 4-wheel drive road (impassable to most vehicles without 4wheel) there was a nude man walking around showing himself to everyone. Do yourself a favor and stay the heck away from this place!
I have been going to this hot spring for over 3 years now. I think it is one of the best in Arizona & easyest to get too. If you are not use to naked people, than watch out, because people here tend to take their cloths off most of the time. So, get ready to get naked & enjoy the sun. You don't have to loose your cholthing if you don't like to. Keep your eyes out for me Iam the one drinking Corona's sitting on the side. BT.

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