Piestewa Peak Dreamy Draw Nature Trail

Cactus, Arizona

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5 out of 5
An easy scenic loop through desert foothills north of Piestewa Peak.
Best Easy Day Hikes: Phoenix


Best Easy Day Hikes: Phoenix

by Stewart M. Green (Falcon Guides)

An easy scenic loop through desert foothills north of Piestewa Peak.

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Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: Cactus
Distance: 1.5
Elevation Gain: 200 feet
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Season: November - April
Accessibility: Dog-friendly
Local Contacts: Dreamy Draw Park
Local Maps: USGS: Sunnyslope
Driving Directions: Directions to Piestewa Peak: Dreamy Draw Nature Trail

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Myriad trials from easy to moderate run east and west with various views of the valley. Part of the extensive North Mountain preserve, which I feel is best accessed from Dreamy Draw Park. This is the BACKSIDE of Piestuwa Peak. Also mt. biking is permitted. The trails also go UNDER SR 51. The best time of day is morning at DAYBREAK. To see the sun come up in the cool morning air really makes you feel glad your alive. Bring your digital camera for the great views. With so many trails, it is sometimes difficult to believe your in the MIDDLE of the Valley of the Sun.


This is a fun trail for the adventure seekers. It is fairly easy hike with nice terrain. The wonderful think about Dreamy Draw is that you could litterally intend to take a 1 mile hike and end up doing a 6 hour tour of the park. It can get confusing when the trails begin to chris cross one another, but trail makers help you stay on the right path. Most of the hike is flay wth a few mole hills to add variety. the scenery is average, but it is nice to not see city buildings when so close to the city. this is a great beginner hike for all ages. It can be taken as an out and back or a loop. Either way, it hike can be arranged to fit your fitess level.

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