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Styx River

Styx River Professional Review and Guide

"Of all the float trips in the Gulf Coast region, the Styx has some of the most diverse fish and wildlife to be seen. It is a fairly deep river and should be floatable, except for some bottoming out up to I–10, even in late summer. Numerous islands make the river prone to massive logjams, which require portaging. The River Styx has been synonymous with religious beliefs since the dawn of man. It is believed the Styx was the link between the world of the living and the world of the dead. An old “pilot” would ferry humans down the river into what is known as purgatory. How the Styx in Baldwin County received its name is anybody’s guess, but it is far from the river of the dead!

The Styx is another example of the dark-water rivers that flow through the Gulf Coast region as they head to the Gulf of Mexico. The Styx, however, shows more signs of wildlife than we’ve seen on other trips. The catfish in the upper portion of this trip are huge. Keep your eyes on the river near your boat to see a wide variety of turtles running on the bottom or plunging into the river from the banks. And hawks and giant heron are not afraid of the passing paddler if you are quiet and patient."

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Whether you have your own canoe or kayak or if you visit the local outfitter (Styx River Tube & Canoe Rental – open Easter through Labor Day) to rent a tube or canoe, Styx River is a great placed to enjoy spending time on shallow water (it’s more of a stream than a traditional river). It is ideal for float trips and the scenery is gorgeous any time of year. There are sandbars along the side where you can stop and relax or picnic during your day on the water. Popular put-ins include under the bridges at Hwy. 90 and County Road 87. There is also a boat ramp on Brown’s Road in the Seminole community.
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This route becomes un-passable 1/4 mile past I-10 by at least 3 major log jams. There is no way to get gear or boats over this due to high, steaply sloped banks on both sides. Luckly, this occured just south of I-10 and not in the middle of the 10 mi stretch from I-10 to Brown's landing. That would have been very bad! Also, you pretty much need a 4x4 truck to get to the put in point at the bridge in Wilcox. There is a large hole that you have to drive through, or (what we did) drive down the bank on the south side of the bridge. And, there is not really access at I-10. There is a service trail under the bridge but, once again, you need a 4x4. Best bet is to take out at the 87 bridge ( marked 83 on the maps. You can access the 87 bridge by taking Hwy 90 south, then take a left at 87. the bridge is about 1 mile after you pass over I-10. Hope this helps someone else have a better trip.

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DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer; USGS Elsanor, Seminole
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