Sepulga River

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Sepulga River

Sepulga River Professional Review and Guide

"The Sepulga is an interesting river in that it is generally a nice float trip through lush forest of magnolia, weeping willows, oak, and scrub pine. But unlike many rivers south of Montgomery, it has a few fast shoals to maneuver through, as well as a great Class I section with a series of drops that can be easily handled by beginners and intermediate paddlers. Before researching this book, we had only heard of the Sepulga. Most of our paddling friends had never heard of it or didn’t know anyone who had paddled it.

We had heard tales of people growing up along the river and swimming in its muddy waters, or stories about their grandparents who worked on paddleboats that would move cargo and people up and down its length to the gulf in days long gone, but that was the extent of it. So there we were, sitting around one rainy Sunday thinking about a river that we could do that was fairly close by, and we said, what the heck, let’s give it a try. It proved to be a great decision. We found a river with lots of surprises."

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The full Sepulga River Canoe Trail runs for more than 40 miles in rural Conecuh County, from the town of Travis at the north end to the town of Brooklyn to the south. It’s unique from other paddling outings in southern Alabama in that you’ll actually encounter a few stretches of Class I rapids along the way. Even so, it’s an easy paddle that’s appropriate even for most beginners (unless there has been a lot of rain – it may be a little much for novice paddlers in that type of weather conditions). There are 5 access points along the river so, of course, you don’t have to float the whole way. You can see information details about the access points at The area is known to be a good spot to look for fossils, and the scenery is spectacular. Watch for wildlife and take in the beautiful limestone edges along parts of the river.
4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars
For this area, I couldn't imagine better river flow and better rapids. It was a lot of fun for myself and my buddy. We have never been on true Class I rapids before and we had several on this trip, one in particular had a very good wave and actually had a big enough drop to give a really good experience, not just picking up speed, but actually having water came all over you and get all wet in addition to picking up good speed. Keep in mind, we are beginners, so right now we are easily amused in our little rec boats. Overall it was very pleasant trip. The water was a little muddy, but not anything like the Conecuh. There are a lot of really cool old Cyprus trees that make really good pictures with big puffy clouds as backdrops. We saw Blue Herons, what we believe was a little otter, woodpeckers, and a huge moccasin (they like to hang out on the beds of leaves along the banks and in fallen trees, so keep a watchful eye). The river bottom is mostly rock, and is pretty shallow in a lot of spots so you can wade around if you want to take a break. Overall, the best part of this little trip is the swift water flow, the rapids, and the cool little animals and birds. Now about the put-in and take-out spots. Felt pretty nervous about both, more so at the put-in point b/c it is so isolated and we were told by some locals after the fact, that it is not a very good area to leave things unattended. Nothing happened except for stupid me losing my wallet only to have a very nice couple find it and try and call every name in the phone book. I was extrememly lucky to have those people find my wallet and try so diligently to get it back to me. Anyway, to be safe, I would certainly try to get someone to drop you off, or like we will do next time, just make sure there is nothing to steal inside or outside of the vehicle to lessen the temptation to break in. Other than that, you couldn't ask for a better put-in/take-out point.
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This is a relaxing paddle trip that is suitable for beginners and/or families. At the put-in, the river current moved with a speed of about 5 mph. However, the water’s pace quickly tapered off to that of a stroll for most of the remainder. As for wildlife, we only saw one alligator (a 4-footer resting on a log), and a few turtles. Some portions of the river were very scenic… almost swamp-like, but we never had to hunt for the main channel. I'd do it again.

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4 hours
Class I
DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer; USGS Old Town, Brooks
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