Reviews of Mount Sunapee and Lake Solitude Trail

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4 out of 5
What do you think of when someone mentions Mount Sunapee? Skiing, right? But when the slopes are green and the skiers are sailing or swimming, Sunapee is a wonderful place to bring the family for a smorgasbord-type hike. You’ll climb briskly under the dormant chairlift to the Sunapee summit, snake through the woods to the top of the White Cliffs, and drop to the remote, rocky shoreline of Lake Solitude. With something just around the corner at any given moment, kids won’t have time to poke each other with sticks or stuff leaves down one another’s jackets.

I loved this trail (we took the Andrew Brook Trail). It had a few stream/brooks to cross and mud to trek through. The trail conditions were very good. We took a short break at Lake Solitude before continuing on. The hardest part of the trail was once we reached the ski slopes - there was a gravel road leading to the lodge that was very steep. The lodge was closed this day, but we ate lunch on the deck, in the shade. The whole hike, including eating lunch, took us 4 hrs. I would definitely go back.


Not really a big fan of hiking straight up an open ski slope under a chairlift, the trade off here is you do get great views. Other than that, once you get into the treelilne on the Monadnock-Sunapee trail its more enjoyable.

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Mar 2018