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The headwaters of Contentnea Creek begin near Moccasin Creek, northeast of Raleigh and north of Zebulon. After flowing into Buckhorn Reservoir, west of Wilson, Contentnea Creek is born and continues into Wiggins Mill Reservoir, a few miles southeast of Wilson. It then flows southeast through Snow Hill and Grifton before joining the Neuse River. Contentnea Creek flows mostly through farmland and undeveloped land, providing 100 miles of paddling opportunities. This eTrail contains 11 sections of Contentnea Creek from NC 581 near Buckhorn Reservoir to Maple Cypress Road (Craven Co. 1470) bridge on Neuse River.
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First let me say that this a beautiful river. It's rather tannic looking, but fairly clear with lots of hardwoods. We paddled from below Wiggins Mill Resovoir to Stantonsburg and there was no hint of development. It's easy paddling with very little manuervering. A nice float. However, there are many, many trees fallen over the river that require either portage or pulling you boat over. It took us twelve hours to canoe this sixteen miles. I'd reccommend the river, but factor in extra time and patience.

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Section 8 Update: A group reported having to portage about 6 downed trees in the first half of this section during July 2004. They aborted the trip after about 5 miles by getting permission to cross farmland. Water flow was 125 cfs (5.0 feet) on the USGS Contentnea Creek at Hookerton gauge. Sections 10 and 11 Update: South Street is now Martin Luther King Drive. Section 11 Correction: change "Add 4.2 miles to the mileage given in the Neuse River description" to "Subtract 4.2 miles to the mileage given in the Neuse River description."

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