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4 out of 5
A dramatic range of scenery can be explored in this short hike up a side canyon from the Spokane River in Riverside State Park. Enjoy wildflowers in the various habitats, ranging from the rubble of crumbling basalt near the mouth of Deep Creek to dark mossy forest to open ponderosa pine forest to cliff-edge overlooks of Nine Mile Reservoir on Pine Bluff.
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I hike this trail about 2 times a month just becuase its so close. The other reviewer state that it can be confusing, this is accurate but once you get your bearings and do a little trial and error it all makes sence. Thats what hikings all about... The trail stays pretty cool and can be steep at times but for the most part are easy enough for childeren. I would add that taking shorter routes are avalible and sometimes more enjoyable, like the one that cuts down through the basalt spires to the deep creek bridge, very cool. Also walk down deep creek from the bridge and you might find hidden caynons and cavelike spots that are very neat to explore.

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Had a great time on this day hike. Can be confusing at certain points because all trails have numbers which are not used in the directions, must have been made before they were added. Near the overlook is tricky because of many downed trees covering the trail.

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The trail is not very well marked, especially in the middle part of the hike. It is beautiful, once you figure out the correct way to go, but i found the directions not quite accurate. Plus, the trails are marked by numbers, and so it is difficult to figure out where you are going. I would do it again, though, because this time i know where i'm going.

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