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A large geothermal well, from which water is piped into a large concrete pool, overflowing into several warm ponds in an isolated portion of central Nevada. Owned by Esmerelda County, these hot springs have been improved over the years but have also seen substantially increased use and, with it, damage. Discovered in 1970 by an oil-exploration well, the hot water at Fish Lake Valley has been an excellent place to bathe ever since. The large-volume hot water well is piped into a large concrete pool complete with wooden benches and a large concrete patio. The pool is about 7 feet by 2 feet and about 3 feet deep. The water overflows into two warm ponds, which now contain goldfish, and the pool’s water is clean and very appealing. The spring has been improved over the years by the county, with fences, barbecue pits, and trash cans all put up in the last few years.

Great place, however, very apparent this is a place for the local teens to party. Bring water shoes for the surrounding ponds. The tub is made of cement and is 6 x 9 x 4. Great views of Boundary Peak. Esmerelda County owns the lease of this property, however, a mile from it is all BLM Land. Camping is permitted at the spring. The tub has 50 gallons of 105 degree water flowing through it every minute. The source is a drilled geothermal well. The water flows out into a couple very large holding ponds that you can swim in. A total oasis in the desert.


Fish Lake Valley Hot Spring is a really wonderful place to visit. There are several different types of birds and you are surrounded by mountains on all sides in the valley. It makes for a spectacular view. Vandalism has increased to the point that there are notices that indicate closure of the springs if vandalism/littering continues. I would imagine most of it is from a smaller crowd, but it is a good idea to take a trash bag and if you see trash while you are there, pick it up! Obviously, pack in/pack out. Hopefully with a group effort we can continue to enjoy this lovely place.

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