Reviews of The Colorado Trail Colorado Trailhead FS-550 to FS-560

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4 out of 5
This whole area is extremely popular with bicyclists and day-hikers due to its proximity to Denver, its pleasant pine and fir forest, and many small streams. The area is relatively flat by Colorado Trail standards and the snow is usually gone by early spring. Therefore, the area is laced with many intersecting trails, so through-hikers should be careful to stay on the CT. The through-hiker will find this segment to be a pleasant respite from the rigors of Segments 1 and 2. They will also be relieved to find the first water available since the South Platte River.
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Very nice hike through the trees with interesting rock formations. Despite signs prohibiting it, though, someone was engaged in target practice in front of a large rock formation near the trail (didn't see them but the shots were close and very unnerving - far too loud for horses on the trail).

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Hiked it with 5 Boy Scouts weekend of 28 March. Was a great hike. Snowed the night before and on the morning we started the hike, however the trail was all very passable (but the last two miles was about 6-9 inches snow in parts and steep). Only issue we had was first water stream was frozen over, so had to hike an extra mile to water was a challenge after section 2!

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It was a beautiful fall trip. The leaves were changing with a mixture of yellows and reds. The temp on Sunday night dropped into the mid-teens, but was great for sleeping. The walk through the wilderness area was all you could hope for. This was my first complete section of the CT and prompted me to attempt to complete the entire CT in segments.

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